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Forex Arbitrages – Trading Software: Review

Forex ArbitragesForex Arbitrages – Trading Software: Review

Been a couple days since I heard of any new forex software.  Thought I would come on today and give you traders a little information on the new Forex Arbitrages.

If you are into currency trading then you probably have heard of arbitrage strategies, this system is based on these principles.

I will see if I can get some sort of results from forex arbitrages in the next few days. When you get on the page you will see how they claim an unfair advantage allowed for nearly $900,000 in forex profits every month. Then there is a couple screen shots below showing some great forex results that forex arbitrages had had.


What is really weird about this forex arbitrages system is that they show all these screen shots from 3rd party forex results but then I don’t see any actually 3rd party links.  For example, the images shown on the website look to be from MT4i (which is just like mt4live, mt4stats etc) but you can’t actually get to this page to verify the forex results for yourself.

This is kind of odd.  The price tag is real low only $47.00.  There is a lot of sales talk here and I really don’t want to go through it all so I am going to leave the forex arbitrages review there at this point in time.  I will be adding to the review as soon as I get more information about forex arbitrages and hopefully get some results of our own here.

If you would like to add anything about forex arbitrages then just leave a comment below and start the discussion.

Try Forex Arbitrages

Forex Arbitrages

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  1. Agree with other comments… Forex Arbitrages EA is real piece of cr**! It doesn’t even look for arbitrages. It is just your basic five pip “scalper” on the EURUSD 1M chart. The “so-called” Manual program only looks for trends on higher time-charts and then you’re supposed to place the trades yourself. There is no explanation or rationale provided, just a generic installation pdf booklet for the Basic, Plus and Manual versions of the software.
    I will be asking for a refund immediately because the advertising is completely misleading, even the very name itself is not representative of the product.
    Total garbage – almost consider this EA should be given a “scam” rating. What do you think?

  2. Hi,
    i confirm what John says, i asked 3 times for a refund and they answered me 3 times the same with status changed to tech support.The ratio is really bad TP5 and SL100.I’ve been refunded, you should all do the same.

  3. This software is a complete SCAM. We have tested the software and it’s complete garbage. We requested a full refund for 3 times and it was denied. We escalated to paypal and clickbank and here’s what they did. They changed the “status” of the clickbank refund ticket from “refund” to “tech support”. A clickbank staff member had to change the status back to refund and issued the refund immediately. I just wanted to share this to help prevent the same that happened to me to happen to anyone else. Thanks.

  4. I have tried ForexArbitrages and I believe it to be rubbish. During one period they claimed to make $728 but trading the same period, I had 3 trades – 2 losers and one winner for a net loss! I cannot believe that the EA has anything to do with arbitrage related to different spreads charged by different brokers. That has to be nonsense. One ‘proof’ of trades – supposedly live – shows a screen which is not even connected to any broker – really!!?? Keep your money in your pocket – this is another EA scam.

  5. Another scam EA. A re-hash of an EA that got nothing to do with arbitrage at all. Stay away from this EA which is not arbitrage trading but it’s name is

  6. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Thia EA has the same info from the EA by STF – Jim Stanford. The manuals look the same !!!

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