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Forex Accurate – Auto Duplicator: Software Review

Forex Accurate – Auto Duplicator: Software Review

The release of this new system brings what is promised to bring a change to the forex market.  Using a live account this team executes the exact same trades you will be using with Forex Accurate.

While we feel this is much like a traditional forex signal provider, the results speak for themselves and it is different.

So lets start by looking at this auto duplicator software that comes with forex accurate.  We mentioned it earlier, but to go more in depth, the trade decision comes from a master account which is monitored by an expert team of traders.  This is no like signals because forex accurate has 99% identical trades.

There are so many signal services that just say, no we never made that trade or we made that trade well before.  With forex accurate this isn’t even an option.  This is the main reason why we are convinced and decided to write the forex accurate review.  But before I go on more lets take a look at the forex trading results from this system.

Apparently at this point in time they are offering 10 different systems and have results for all of them but we will just show a couple of the different forex accurate accounts.

So there are three forex accurate accounts for you to look at.  We are extremely surprised by the reliability of the trades and again its good to see vendors putting out some better looking products.

At this point in time we believe it is safe to purchase forex accurate.  As we learn more we will continue to update this review.  If you have any information about forex accurate that you would like to add, then please feel free

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  1. I already downloaded and installed their Auto duplicator EA. So far everything going smooth. Get several trades from Goliath with only 1-2 pips different from the master account. Time will tell if they can deliver a good trading performance.

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