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Forex 5000 Dollars Robot

forex 5000 dollars robotForex 5000 dollars robot is another new product by Rita Lasker, coming very close to her last release. I’m starting to worry that Rita producing more systems than she can handle as the performance of each system since her first release seems to progressively have gotten worse.

Today I’ll take a look at readers new product, provide a review and hopefully she has something more fruitful to share with us.

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot

Rita’s latest system is supposed to help Forex traders earn up to $5000 a month without touching the keyboard. This Forex 5000 dollars automated robot trades two pairs, the eurusd and usdcad on the M30 time frame. Some of the new concepts she talks about with her new strategy is a stealth style of profit making which she believes is a must-have addition to every meta-trader four due to its Friday control feature. She truly believes this is a brand-new method of auto trading where losses can be avoided easier.

I appreciate her optimism but I do have to be a little weary of this product because of the past failures of other system she’s released like the Forex 5000 dollars robot. The system is fully automated, the orders are placed and the initial stoploss and take profits are defined immediately. The software also provides a trailing system which is activated depending on price movement and the input settings you’re using for the system.

Here is a screenshot that shows the 5000 dollars Forex system in action.

forex 5000 dollars robot in action

We can see here the initial fixed stoploss and fixed take profit and the trailing stop in action as the SL moves closer to the breakeven levels. I think that the concept of this software is strong but with Rita the final product generally leaves me with disappointment.

Today I will not recommend the Forex $5000 robot to Forex robot nation readers because of her past performance. I hope that Rita does release something strong in the future and when she does I will give her the opportunity to redeem herself. If you have something you would like to contribute to this article or any other please leave your comments below.

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  1. Someone has tested this robot? Does it bring profits?

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