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Forex 4 Signals

forex 4 signals

Don’t really have much information on Forex 4 Signals guys, hoping you can provide some comments and fill in the blanks.

The group claims that they came together in 2010 and that they specialize in trust management. The team has 12 traders that work together to study analytics and provide results.

The signals that Forex 4 Signals provide are on the following currency pairs.


Their goal is to hit 800-1800 pips a month. They claim this is an average profit but I think that is a little off base, that is a huge number for even the best traders I know to try and accomplish.

Forex 4 Signals Details

The chief trader identifies a trade. Then he places the trade in the master account. Using a trade copier the Forex 4 signals trade will automatically be placed in your MT4 using this trade copier.

They claim the signals can also be received via email and on the web if that is preferred.

Here are the take profit and stop loss levels used with each separate pair in Forex 4 signals.

  • Currency couple Take Profit Stop Loss
  • EUR/USD 15-60 PIPS 15-40 pips
  • GBP/USD 15-70 PIPS 15-50 pips
  • USD/CHF 15-60 PIPS 15-40 pips
  • USD/JPY 15-60 PIPS 15-40 pips
  • EUR/JPY 30-100 PIPS 30-70 pips
  • XAU/USD GOLD 30-150 PIPS 30-80pips
  • XAG/USD SILVER 30-100 PIPS 30-70 pips

Forex 4 Signals Conclusion

Looks interesting but some of the goals or expectations are clearly off base. At this point I do not recommend Forex 4 signals because I think their numbers and calculations are off. Wrote more than I expected so I guess I do have SOME knowledge on this Forex signal service.

If anyone has anything to contribute please leave your comment about Forex 4 Signals below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. The service offered is the same as Simofx, but under another trading name.
    Having 2 bites of the same cherry?

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