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Forex 4 Secrets – Lasker Secret$ Review

forex 4 secretsForex 4 Secrets – Lasker Secret$ Review

Looks like Rita is back with another money maker. I am going to over this system in detail because I have had mild success in the past with Rita, so let me take a gander at Forex 4 Secrets.

Nobody knows these 4 important Forex secrets that permitted making money even when other systems were useless. These incredible secrets have been carefully kept under wraps for over 365 days and this hard work has paid off!

Forex 4 Secrets uses the core of one of Rita’s other systems called Forex 4 Seasons.  I will go over some of these elements and more specifics about the technology now:

  • Timeframe: H1
  • Any Broker
  • Any Terminal

Now let’s quickly take a look at some of the Forex 4 secrets results available thus far below:

forex 4 secrets

So as you can see, the results for Forex 4 secrets have been pretty strong thus far. I hope that I can get my hands on this system soon so that I can provide you with my own personal results using this software.

Update: Forex 4 Secrets is now available and ready to be purchased. This system looks like it will be a strong contender for the top 3 forex robot nation robots so it is worth while checking out.

If you have any information about Forex 4 secrets that you would like to add then feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. I am excited about this software so I certainly will let you all know right away once I have some more news to report about Forex 4 Secrets.

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  1. Hey One Hung Low,
    Sure you did… LOL
    I also bought in on the 29th and started running it on the 30th.
    So far I had 7 trades, 6 of them I lost, and one is profitable at the present and still in trade.

    I also had purchased her Forex4Seasons earlier .And that is doing better, but you would think this new one, would be making the same as Forex4Seasons.

  2. Ive been fading her trades up a million bux

  3. hi
    another three losing trades. now at -235 pips. seven losing trades in a row no winners. i currently have one trade open, if this loses will ask for refund. at only 2% risk now down 16%.

  4. Hi Purchased this two days ago. I’ve had four trades all losers. Currently-145 pips down

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