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Forex 10000 Dollars

forex 10000 dollarsForex 10000 dollars is a new Forex robot by Rita Lasker and the green Forex group. Really claims that this software brings in up to $10,000 a month and in the month of July that it had 48 wins and 53 trades which totaled to over $11,000 in profit.

Today I will be providing a review and letting the readers of Forex robot nation understand what this new system offers and if Rita Lasker is providing us with something good this time around.

Forex 10000 Dollars Review

I have said this in the past and hopefully it isn’t the case with Forex 10000 Dollars but Rita Lasker’s recent track record with Forex trading system development has been lackluster to say the least. I would say only one of her last 10 products has actually shown potential and earned money for a period of time. With a track record like this, it is difficult to trust that Rita is suddenly going to hit her stride. I would much rather prefer that she spends more time on the system she is releasing instead of giving up on them and releasing new products.

Forex 10000 Dollars Video

The Forex 10000 Dollars robot uses a new algorithm that is being coined as the “4-core-indi” which uses for popular indicators to determine whether or not a trade should be opened. The software uses the stochastic oscillator, the relative strength Index technical indicator, the commodity Channel Index and the moving average convergence/divergence indicator. I really like the usage of these indicators but it really comes down to how these indicators are being used in line with the strategy not just the fact that they are being used.

I am not going to give a full-fledged recommendation to the Forex 10000 Dollars robot today but I am mildly interested. The software trades specifically on the EURUSD and USDJPY pairs on the M15 timeframe. If there’s one thing you know about me I do like strategies that are specific and it does look like Rita has provided us with some sort of specific strategy. I’m going to have to watch this system and how it progresses. Hopefully I’ll be able to see some sort of results on a statement service like MT four live and then I’ll be able to really get a better picture of what the software can offer. If you something you would like to add to this review please let me know your thoughts and opinions about the Forex 10000 Dollars.

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  1. Has anyone tried this?

  2. guys I’m using it for two days this robot on a real account at the end of the month I can tell you the results

  3. Does it have a mt4 live page? or fxblue or myfxbook page?

  4. You write that only one of her last 10 products has actually shown potential and earned money for a period of time. I submitt to your opinion. Can you please say, which of her products
    do you mean.

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