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February Forex – Take a Winning Approach

Forex SteamSo we are a little late with our February Forex post but we do have some interesting angles to discuss. The first coming thanks to a blog post by the team at Forex Steam.

They have found a tool that you can use alongside any EA that will allow you to add many different settings that aren’t even provided in the original EA. If you have always used an EA but felt it just needed a trailing stop, or a trailing take profit these are just some of the  most basic changes you can add.

With that being said, Forex Steam has been performing admirably with version 4.1 and this new strategy allowing their users to test new settings and share them with each other is another way they will be able to sustain long term profitability. You can see how it is currently performing here:

You can find the Forex Steam home page here.

You can find the blog post with access to this new trading tool here at Forex Steam strategies.

We have also found that this new tool works perfectly with FAPUltra. We have found in our testing of this system that it often doesn’t take profit properly, in utilizing this tool we have been able to easily set better TP’s and make more money over the past few days.

If you are currently using this EA I certainly you check out the tool and see if you can find a way utilize it properly. See how the EA is currently performing here:

You can find the FAP Ultra home page here.

If you have anything you would like to add please do! We have been testing many new systems,  and have been utilizing this trading tool effectively, I really recommend that you check it out!

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