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FAPUltra Review | The Best Forex Robot Ever Made

FAPUltra Review | The Best Forex Robot Ever Made


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I can’t believe I wasn’t the first to find out about this Forex Robot.  I wish I was.  Although I am not the first, I still have to tell you that FAP Ultra is the best expert advisor we have ever used.  Why?

Let’s get right to the good stuff and show you the Results.


We have noticed in 2011 that this system is still solid. What you need to do to have MAJOR success is watch the EA trade and close some trades yourself. With manual intervention you can really win Big. Without it, the wins are mild at best. If you have the time to watch over this EA and learn it, then you have a big winner on your hands. If not then it is still good but not great.


FRN Settings

StopLoss 100
TakeProfit 50
Ma_Period 10
RiskPercent 5.0
BackBars 6
MoneyManagement True
Breakeven 50
Slippage 3
FiveDigits (true if you are five digit broker)

So as you can see, it makes big money.  Which is just #1 on my list.  I have bought FAPUltra, and I have been making a LOT of money.  But it isn’t just the money that impresses me with this Best Forex Robot.

The SUPPORT is INCREDIBLE.  I went on the website and I actually talked to a real person on multiple occasions.  I talked to a Patrick and a Chris, both hired by the team of developers to speak for them to help with customer support.

You can actually click on that live support link and have someone help you with FAPUltra, now that is certainly revolutionary.  I even took a couple screen captures during my conversation because I really didn’t think anyone would believe me.

Here is the image of our conversation, he even offered to call me on the phone because I requested. I really just cant say enough about FAPUltra.  It is by far the most professional, well put together group of EA developers.

But that’s not all, I’ve bought the EA and I have been getting tremendous results, just like the ones on the website.  And they don’t hide behind Backtesting and strategy tests, all the FAPUltra results are posted on MT4Live so you can watch it trade in real time before you make a decision.

There is also a Members Area that gives you exclusive access to updates which are done every few weeks and an activation console that provides tremendous EA security for traders.


We have moved FAPUltra into the #2 spot in our top 3 robots, this is a serious honor that the Forex Robot has earned.  With glorious results, an impeccable team of traders and a support team that is truly 24/7 this is the Best Forex Robot on the market.

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. What is the cost for FAPULTRA system


  3. This FAPTurbo Ultra must be wholly different to FAPTurbo (scalper and etc) – which is a born loser.
    Their other FAP effort is FAPTFlash (twin demon trades that just keep opening in the wrong direction). Close them and they instantly re-open (a dead loss)

  4. FAPUltra seem to be very good with FinFX not on FXOpen and Instaforex my favourite broker. It seem that FinFX is very friendly to any EA’s. From 10 trade open 1 definitely loss 2 just earn USD0.00 while the rest is profit. Unlike FXOpen and Instaforex from 10 trade 2 profit 5 you get just USD0.00 another 3 is loss. Very big loss man… I’ve decided to test this EA with FinFX for another month and if it’s proven that FAPUltra good with FinFX. I will go live.

  5. Fapultra is a regular jackrabbit and picks up trades quickly and even tends to runaway with it. As the main purposes is to make profits, human intervention is called for in some cases. I have also tried with some luck on the AUDUSD pair. They are required to be tended to as our kids/pets.
    Does anyone have any experience with Pip Turbo Sniper and have the settings for it?

  6. hi,
    Is anyone still trading with this robot getting similar result as posted on their website?

  7. Still in profit on four demo accounts. I cannot get the same results on the FXOpen account as the results listed on FRN. My trades are completely different times and dates. I get more losses than they do so my account is not growing as much as theirs – but it is growing. Their support is good by email but I think it would be helpful if they produced a PDF on how to trade this EA overall. They have said that manual intervention is prudent if the trade has made good profit. They have also mentioned that they know how to set targets. This is not what a robot is about. Don’t understand what’s going on here. Half robot – half human intervention?

  8. Started with a loser but up 99 pips for the week. Running on a demo for a few weeks to see the results. Forgot to close a trade late Friday and now market closed. Hope I don’t get gapped the wrong way. Support suggested that if you’re in a trade and you have made good profit on the latter half of your trade it may be prudent to manually close the position. Hope this helps.

  9. Can you tell me why your fapultra is not trading anymore?
    Mine is trading, and not so good this time…
    The support is always offline on the website.
    What do i have to guess?

  10. Can it be used with other robots in the same account without issues?

  11. Do you stop fapultra on monday and friday?
    I don’t get same trades as you, but i’ve put the same settings.

  12. Hello, is FAP ULTRA spread sensitive and which broker is recomended? thank you.

  13. I have been using FAP Ultra for a month now, I am up 65% of my initial deposit. The only issue I have is Thursday/Fridays, these days seem to be the only days that I lose. I want to know if there is a way I could just stop trading on these days 🙂

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