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FAPTurbo 56 – Forex Robot Update

Today FAPTurbo 56 was announced by their team of developers, find out what’s new and if anything they have added will be useful or not.

A huge performance increase in just about every aspect, our programmers have spent months to finetune those settings and add new algorithms so prepare yourself for huge gains.

If you are currently a Fapturbo owner then you will get the FAPTurbo 56 update free. If not you will have to purchase the regular Fapturbo system in order to get this new addition along with the original software.

The Fapturbo 56 update’s main focus provides optimizations to the code especially for ECN brokers. There are more security filters as well that have been added to protect earnings which will deactivate trading during risky periods of time.

So, what’s new in FapTurbo v56?

From the update PDF:

• Modification of the TP (takeprofit) and SL (stoploss) parameters
• Huge Increase in Performance and Win / Loss ratio. In short: Makes MUCH more profits and way less losses 🙂
• Implementation of additional security layers to protect your capital from ever-changing, rapid market conditions.

fapturbo 56

My suggestion is if you liked Fapturbo in the past then this is likely the system for you. If not, they are still using the same Forex developers and trading stations to come up with updates for this system. So if you never liked Fapturbo then don’t bother with Fapturbo 56.

This really is quite interesting and I will try to get some tests up as soon as possible. I hope that if you have some information on Fapturbo 56 that you would include it below by leaving a comment. I do hope this is a good system and I will try to get my hands on a copy to add it to the Forex Robot Nation live tests as well. If you need any help just let us know.

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  1. There is one professional robot which does not work.

    I bought it and instead of earning 1500% like promised by the site, in just 15 days, trading 0.05 lots, I made just 2.6% in 17 days.

    Full story and proof

  2. I hear good testimonials around FAP Turbo. Its proven and its really works.

  3. Hello, anyone able yet to comment his results the new version Fapturbo 56 on live account? Recommandations to purchase it (or not…) Thanks

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