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FAPTurbo 54 – Forex Robot Update

FapTurbo 54Looks like we have a Forex Robot update today with the release of FAPTurbo 54. The long termed Forex system is back again with another update to keep their buzz in the Forex EA marketplace. After falling behind the recent competition they do hope that this is the answer that will bring them back to prominence.

I am not 100% sure it is possible to get to where they once were in the Forex market as the premier EA developer, but they can certainly try. Following I will provide you with information we have been researching and some provided with the release of FAPTurbo 54.

The new FAPTurbo 54

Meet the FAPT NEW settings! Finally after 1 year of testing and tweaking we are extremely pleased to introduce the new settings to the Fapturbo scalping system. They were developed by our pro trader, Tony, who is also responsible for developing great settings for Fapturbo Ichimoku, which is already very profitable! It works really well on both back tests and forward tests! The results are on the site.

What is the difference between Fapturbo 54 and Fapturbo Ichimoku?

Fapturbo Ichimoku is a bonus that is a part of the package. It uses the powerful Ichimoku filter for the scalping strategy. Fapturbo 54 uses the original algorithm with the new settings and no Ichimoku filter. Both robots are very powerful and can be used in combination! If you are an active Fapturbo Member, you are entitled to a free update and can download fapturbo54 in the members area!.

So that is the scoop on the latest FAPTurbo 54. If you have any information you would like to include please leave it below.

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  1. Hi Natalie,
    I’m using instaforex broker using


  2. Hi guys can i ask what broker you are using with Fabturbo? I know they recommend IamFX but i have researched and found some negative comments about this broker.
    Would appreciate your input. Rookie how are you finding your broker with FapT?

  3. Hi both,
    I’m running both the EAs and they’re doing very well. The profits are fairly small and I would like to trade them on a bigger account with bigger lot sizes.

  4. No different… it’s good and yeah i do experience a couple of losses but that losses is covered the next day of trade. I added both fapturbo54 and ichimoku on same live account. they open trade very nice. I like…. i use 5 digits instaforex broker.

  5. The only different i know is that FAPTurbo54 is an old robot and Fapturbo Ichimoku is new one. But both EA is very good…

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