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Exynox Scalper Review (Karl Dittmann)

Exynox Scalper is another Forex indicator by Karl Dittmann. This software promises that traders can “laugh all the way to the bank thanks to Forex every day.” The system is created with profit and usability in mind so that all levels of traders can utilize it. Traders are told to simply buy or sell when the indicator provides an alert, and that’s all the experience necessary. Today I’ll be providing a complete review and letting the Forex Robot Nation community see the benefits and drawbacks of this trading software.

The creator of the indicator is Karl Dittmann, a well known Forex developer who produces a handful of trading products every year. He most recently released Onyx Scalper which appears to be a very similar product, not only in name but in design. It really makes me wonder if this isn’t the exact same product being rebranded with a new name to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales. I’m not saying that is the case, but you can’t argue with me that it’s certainly very similar.

To get in touch with Karl, traders can fill out a contact form locate at the bottom of the website. There is no direct phone number or email contact for this product.


Exynox Scalper Review

The Exynox Scalper presentation starts out with an introduction to a bunch of new features they’ve included in their Forex indicator. This includes high profit signals, an effective trading algorithm, multiple trading styles, support for all major currency pairs, unique trend power direction and a no repaint promise.

Right after this is a bunch of testimonials sent directly to Karl’s email address, and a Cyber Monday special 33% discount.

Then, Karl goes right into a trade sample where the Exynox Scalper picked up 364 pips on the GBPUSD pair over the course of a day and a half. This example uses the built-in “conservative” trading style, with the smart exit filter turned off. During the 30 hour period, the indicator provided 5 separate trade alerts, resulting in 5 wins for 107 pips, 15 pips, 54 pips, 111 pips and 77 pips. This is certainly an impressive example, showing that the indicator has powerful capabilities, but it is not a long-term sample size by any means.

In order to be considered for our best Forex indicator list, I will need to see some verified trading results at some point. I’ll cover this more in the trading results section of the review naturally.

Trading Strategy

Karl generally doesn’t provide a lot of information about the strategy behind his products. This is common in the Forex market, and likely has something to do with trying to acquire new clients, without coming across as too complicated.

This is certainly the case with the Exynox Scalper, as we really aren’t told what type of market influences the software is utilize as part of its strategic approach. The trade examples provide some help here, but I would like to see some actual methodology come from Karl himself.

From looking at the trade examples, it looks like a pretty simple moving average crossover which is the same approach of the Onyx Scalper. There do appear to be some additional filters that help weed out potential losses, but there isn’t anything over unique to the trade approach.

Instead of going into strategy detail the website has a lot of fluff sections, like the pro trading tips section which goes over some basics of Forex trading. This is typical Forex copywriting, and it’s not bad by any means, but it is taking the space of what I would much rather be reading.

Just like the Onyx Scalper software, there are three trading modes that can be selected from. The conservative mode, medium mode and aggressive mode. Basically, the conservative mode uses all the filters, the medium mode removes a few of the filters, and the aggressive mode removes even more to allow for a higher risk, but a higher signal frequency.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $147 (on sale for $98.49)
  • Strategy: Scalping
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

For Traders interested in the Exynox Scalper it’s currently on sale for $98.49 due to Karl’s active Cyber Monday discount. At this price traders get access to the trading algorithm, step by step user guide, no repaint signals, 24/7 email support, 1 live account and a 60 day money back guarantee.

I’m not sure if the price will bounce back up to $147 when Cyber Monday is finished, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Trading Results

There are no verified results for the Exynox Scalper indicator. Karl provides us with 8 different trade examples, but these can easily be cherry picked from market conditions when the indicator is performing very well.

There are no trading statements or Myfxbook accounts to prove that the software is viable in the short or long-term. I believe that every vendor, whether they produce robots, indicators, courses or signals should have at least one trading account they can point to and say look at how this works.

Client Feedback

At this point there is no client feedback outside of the testimonials on the website, as it’s a brand new release. If you do a search for Karl Dittmann on Forex Robot Nation you’ll see some comments on his other products, but that’s not the type of information I like to rely on. So, hopefully shortly after release we hear from the community.


The Exynox Scalper is a basic Forex indicator that shows some promise. There’s nothing really compelling me to buy the software today, as there’s no verified trading results and little strategy insight. If either, or both of these areas are addressed I’ll certainly be much more interested, but until then I’ll just be waiting to see what the community has to say.

If you have anything you want to add to this review, please comment or even leave a rating below.

Exynox Scalper $147
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Support


Exynox Scalper is a new Forex indicator by Karl Dittmann.

Comments Rating 3 (1 review)


Cyber Monday sale price available
Developer with long-term reputation
Works on all pairs and timeframes
Utilizes a scalping trading approach


No verified trading results
Little strategy insight
Looks to be using a basic methodology

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  1. Aravind Kanayasan

    Dear Patrick, I am from Malaysia and quite interested in the Exynox Scalper… Do you recommend this product? Or, do you have any other great working indicators that you can suggest? Thank you very much, your feedback is greatly appreciated

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    i want to buy equinox scalper @ 98.49
    as i am interested

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