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Euro Smarter Forex Robot Review

Euro Smarter Forex Robot Review

This is an interesting system that has been creating a lot of intrigue within our user base and forex round table.  We have started to do some digging and have some information on Euro Smarter.

This is not professional marketers, the web site isn’t flashy and in sales letter form.

We have not received any emails on euro smarter, which makes us think that it may have some potential.  I have messaged them a few times and hopefully I can get a trial copy to back up their claims and back tests.

This system was created in the summer of 2008.  The creator claims that he used it to turn $5,000 into $120,000.  This is quite the claim from euro smarter and it certainly has me interested now.

The developer is selling 1000 copies of the robot and using his profits to get rich.  I am not sure why he doesn’t just use his $120,000 the euro smarter already earned from it but that just doesn’t seem to be explained.

The euro smarter uses harmonic crab patterns along with a sophisticated grid strategy.  We have not seen this used in a forex robot before which makes us quite interested in the results.

We will be adding more information about euro smarter as we get it and hope that you leave some comments if you have any.  Thanks for checking out the review and make sure you come back as we add more information.

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