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Euro Open Strategy by Josh Martinez

euro-open-strategyEuro Open Strategy by Josh Martinez is a Forex trading method popularized in mid 2013. I never came across this strategy at the time so I thought I would look into it as I saw it is still being advertised by Josh regularly on Forex websites.

Today I’ll let you know if this strategy is still relevant and worth considering in my latest review.

Euro Open Strategy Review

The Euro Open Strategy is provided by MTI (the market traders institute). The goal of providing this strategy is to introduce you to MTI, and hopefully hook you into watching a live webinar where they will try to sell you. This is not a ruthless business model or anything of the sort. It is very normal in this market to pull people in and try to sell them. As long as they are providing valuable information in the video, which they are I have no issues with this proposition.

The Josh Martinez Euro Open Strategy web page consists of an email subscription form and some Facebook testimonials. We hear from a handful of traders that the method is providing quite a few winning opportunities. One of the traders FX Vania says “I do not know how to put into words the numbers are talking for themselves. I captured 299 pips!” The other testimonials are also very positive. The purpose of this landing page is to get you excited about the video as they ask you to subscribe in order to gain access.

The video itself can be found on YouTube going by the same name. The strategy itself is quite simple, there are no complex methods explained and I’m not certain this strategy has a viable long term gain. I believe that it’s a good teaching tool to learn some basics of strategic analysis and Forex trading but I have to hold back my decision on whether or not the Euro open strategy is a long term winner.

Please let me know your thoughts on this strategy, the market traders institute or anything else you feel is relevant to this review. Thanks for spending some time on Forex Robot Nation and I hope that you find your way back to my web-site soon.

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