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EURClimber | Our Thoughts and Review

EURClimber | Our Thoughts and Review

So with this review we will be looking at a software that has been out for a little bit but we haven’t really heard much about it.  We will go through all the details and let you know about the EURClimber.

This Forex Robot uses a scalping strategy to grab pips.

So first lets go over the basics with the eurclimber system.  It trades on the M15 timeframe using two different pairs, EURCHF and EURGBP.

The eurclimber is also a scalper, so it takes around 3-10 pips per trade and it does not include any martingale strategies.  Using a 14 pip stoploss and money management around 1-5% risk depending on what the user would like.  Trades are generally held over 40 minutes long.

Eurclimber also has some results posted up verified by myfxbook, check them out here:

Looks pretty good, there are also a bunch of  backtets available.  There isn’t much testing done yet, the tests for eurclimber started at the end of December.

It looks slow but it does look profitable.  The eurclimber currently costs $40.00 per month so if you can handle that it may be worth checking out.

At this point in time we haven’t heard a lot about the eurclimber system and have yet to test it ourselves here at forex robot nation so we will not give it the full go ahead.  If you want to test it, go ahead but please leave us some comments below so that you can add to our eurclimber review.

We will be adding updates, and hopefully testing this system soon when we get the time.  Come back soon.

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