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EUR/CAD Potential Downward Movement

EUR/CAD Long-Term Trend: Bearish

Key Resistance Levels: 1.43894, 1.44267, 1.45459

Key Support Levels: 1.43305, 1.43159, 1.42698

4-Hour Chart:

The price on the higher time frame has been in a downtrend recently after it tested a resistance level of 1.48001 and reversed. The pair has continued to break a few support levels which suggests further trend continuation.

EUR/CAD Medium-Term Trend: Bearish

30-Minute Chart:

On the lower time frame, the pair is moving in the major trend’s direction. It broke a consolidation zone of 1.45459 and 1.44267 and has sustained below that. As of now the pair has broken and retested a minor level of 1.43894 before continuing the momentum.

Signal Idea:

Sell Stop Order @ 1.43712

TP @ 1.43407

Stop Loss @ 1.44017

Trade Safely 🙂

About Vipul Rathaur

A trader with more than six years of experience, Vipul is a discretionary trader and uses multi time frame analysis for his analysis and price action for his trade signals. Believes that risk management is the secret to making it in this world. He trades major Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.


  1. Good evening sir, I thought this suppose to be a crypto currency trading telegram channel, or am I wrong?

  2. Since my timeframe is GMT+3, I wanted to know how long after the signal is sent in the telegram group I have to place the trade to not lose it.

  3. Wow that trade flew right threw 😮‍💨

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