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Elliott wave Forex signals by Nicola Delic

Nicola DelicElliott wave Forex signals by Nicola Delic is a trading service that provides signals for 14 currency pairs with analysis videos and much more. Nicola claims he has been in the world of finance for the last five years and in that short period he became one of the leading analysts on the Balkan.

Today I’ll be looking at this new service, providing a review in determining whether or not this is something we should get involved with here at Forex robot nation.

Elliot Wave Forex Signals by Nicola Delic Review

Nicola Delic claims that his work providing Elliot Wave Forex Signals is based on the principles of patience, discipline and strict money management. For his trade analysis he uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis focusing on Elliott wave and correlation. In 2010 Nicola started his own consulting company called Singapore grand capital. I was able to find some sort of a commercial for this trading service but it only had hundred and 51 views so I’m not sure how successful he has been in this market.

Elliott wave Forex signals trade example

I also decided to look in to another website he was providing services from called SGC forecast that this is no longer available. Regardless, let me focus on looking at the Elliot Wave Forex Signals service Nicola Delic is providing. Here are some of the main features. Traders get alerts for every trade he places on his own accounts. Signals are sent via email and there are daily reports every morning with guidance on how to set up the daily trades. Every day Nicola also projects the top five potential trades, as an online chat room and will also be putting out daily videos.

I have some interest in the Elliot Wave Forex Signals by Nicola Delic but at this point I’m going to wait until more information arises. I would like to see a couple months of results before getting myself involved with this service. I am impressed with the amount of features he is offering with this software but I am scared that if he doesn’t get enough customers that he would disappear quite quickly and that he would not be able to sustain this amount of content. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below the article and I’ll respond to every single one of them. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed my review of the Elliott wave Forex signals.

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