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Elite FX Mastery

Elite FX mastery is a new Forex trading system released by a self-proclaimed former stock market whiz the turns rogue outsider. The developer of this system claims that traders can make over $7000 in 5 weeks or less using this manual Forex trading strategy because it has a 91% winning rate.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts about this manual trading strategy.

elite fx mastery

Elite FX Mastery Review

The software developer has released many systems in the past. Every single system is released with a new name that has the exact same layout and draws the exact same response for me. It’s at the point now where I’m getting tired of saying the same thing over again but I feel like is an important point so I’m going to have to hit this exact same nail on the head once more. The people who put together this system provide us with a fake my FX book screenshot. This makes me extremely mad.

fake my fx book results

I would rather the developer of the elite FX mastery system shows us know results at all they show us fake results. This immediately is a sign of disrespect towards the trader and potential client. No part of me believes the account is real because if it was real I would be able to find it on my FX book and I would also be able to click on the link on their website and go to that page. There is no reason for me to further this review considering the development team here doesn’t respect us enough to tell us the truth.

I do not recommend elite FX mastery because they have fake results on the webpage. I never get involved with any software developer that will so blatantly lie to us. If you think that I’m wrong or you just want to leave a comment please leave your remarks below the article. I hope you enjoy this review and that you spend some time on Forex robot nation looking at the best Forex robot page for the binary options lab to see some tools that I use successfully to grow my accounts.

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