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EATree Review (Expert Advisor Builder)

EATree is a Forex expert advisor builder for MT4 & MT5. The service is available to help traders without programming knowledge, automate trading strategies using a full compliment of “powerful trading tools.” We’ve reviewed many similar services, and the general consensus is that they are still to difficult for the average trader to use. Today we will provide a full review and let you know if this service is any different, or if it still requires a fair amount of skill to take advantage of.

The service is owned and operated by Genetic Graphics Inc. This company specializes in visual solutions to help traders with complex trading problems. In the past few years, they’ve decided to to focus more on the MQL4/5 language. They have two head offices, one in Toronto, Canada, and the other in California, USA.

To get in touch with support, traders can email It’s always a good idea to email support before you purchase any product to get a better understanding of the level of support they offer, and their response time. If you email a company, and they don’t email you back for a week, then you just saved yourself the trouble, but always check your junk mail.


EATree Review

The EATree software is built to help average traders be able to automate their strategies, create Forex robots, and even start their own signal services. While in the past, a service like this would require a fair amount of coding knowledge, this group believes that anyone can use it, regardless of their experience.

There are 9 reasons why they believe their EA creator is heads above their competitors:

  1. It comes with an easy to use drag and drop interface. This includes a color coded system to guide traders through the process.
  2. As mentioned earlier, no coding is necessary.
  3. They offer powerful trading tools which give traders access to trailing stops, money management, hedging, martingale and more.
  4. The software will help you learn the MQL coding language, if you are interested.
  5. All of the data you provide is kept private.
  6. The service offers fast development speed so systems can be created in minutes instead of days or months.
  7. This isn’t just for simple systems, but for complex strategies that cover “multiple currencies and multiple timeframes.”
  8. The software is efficient at creating layouts and databases.
  9. Every robot you create is guaranteed error free.

These are 9 excellent reasons why they feel they can compete with Algominr, ForexSB, Forex Robot Academy and other EA creation tools.

Training Videos

It’s good to see that the EATree developers provide free access to all of their training videos. This way, traders can go through the training process before they even spend any money, to see if they have the skill level to be able to use the software.

There are three videos available on YouTube, that cover approximately 20 minutes of content. You can view the first video here to see if it’s suitable:

This video shows the early stages of using the software, and gives traders insight into what they can expect moving forward.

Purchase Details

The EATree software can be purchased for either MT4 or MT5 through the 2Checkout payment processor. With each purchase the client gets access to 3 licenses, of either the MT4 or MT5 version, depending on which they purchase. The price is the same for each version, giving traders lifetime access for $149.99.

The software is delivered exclusively via download only, and comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. It’s good to see that they offer a guarantee, but it isn’t really necessary based on how transparent they are before purchase. Traders can download a free trial of either version, and watch all of the training videos before purchase, so they should know if they are interested in the software before signing up.


We like what we see from the EATree vendor. They are professional, and provide very clear YouTube videos that show how their software should be used. The best thing about the service is that you know exactly what you are getting before you even spend any money.

In terms of using this software, we still don’t recommend this for beginners. This will only be needed or used by traders with a fair amount of trading experience. If you don’t have a trading strategy in mind that you want to automate, then there is no reason for you to use this tool.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, please do so now.

EATree $149.99
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EATree is a Forex robot development software built to help traders automate their own strategies.

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MQL learning


Not for beginners

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