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Easy Pips Machine

easy pips machineEasy pips machine is a new Forex indicator developed by Dan Thompson, a new game the market the police traders only have to work one hour a day. Dan believes that his step-by-step secrets can generating income of up to $3500 a day.

Today I’ll be providing a review in looking at the system to determine whether or not this is true and a worthwhile purchase.


Easy Pips Machine Review

Just like the last review I did, the pips profit dominion the easy pips machine also provides a fake my FX book screenshot. I contend that it is fake because if you try to click on the image it doesn’t link back to my FX book. Now the reason for this speculation is the fact that there are no dates at the bottom which seem to be cut off.

As I look at the website more the easy pips machine looks like another system developed by the same person but this time under a different name. Maybe they are all using a similar service that is creating these websites and including the videos and fake my FX book screenshots that they are doing themselves any justice because they all look to similar. Every single time I see one of these websites I think about the past products that it failed and that really doesn’t do a good thing for their promotional tactics.

sample trade

The easy pips machine comes with three modules and I will quickly outline those for you now. The first module provides you with the complete overview of the trading system shows traders how one of the system strategies we used to make over 4500 pips in just four months. The second module shows an entirely different strategy and the third module is being called too powerful to even reveal.

Sadly, I will not be recommending the easy pips machine software at this point in time. If any of the Forex robot nation readers or someone who stumbled upon this review once to leave a comment please do. If this software is working for you please let me know, if it’s not working for you feel free to let the Forex robot nation readers understand this information as well. Either way I appreciate your feedback and if you’re looking for any help click the contact button at the top and let me know what you need.

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