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Easy Click Pips – Forex Software Review

easy click pipsEasy Click Pips – Forex Software Review

Hey guys, back again with another forex software review. Today I will be looking at a software that launches on June 14th, Easy Click Pips.

If you go check out the software today you can download a free reversal point scanner.

Daniel Johnson is the developer of the easy click pips system and on the front page of the web site he has a couple videos explaining all about his history and the history behind this new forex system.

So lets get into it here by looking at the systems and the costs associated.

Easy Click Pips Price Breakdown

  • Main Product (Signals Service): $67.00 monthly
  • ECP Cloner: $97.00 recurring monthly
  • ECP Profit Executor (EA): $77.00
  • ECP Irrepressible Trader (Manual System)): $47
  • ECP Protégé Coaching Program): $497

So these are all the options available to you if you purchase the easy click pips system. Now, you don’t have to purchase every single different element of this system, just those that you believe will help you become a better trader.

The most important part of this system Daniel says is the signals service. At this point in time I am excited to get more information on this system, I don’t feel like watching this whole video but I guess I will have to watch it sooner than later.

If you have any information you would like to add to the easy click pips review then please leave a comment below or shoot me an email. Looks pretty good so far so we will just have to wait until more results come to the surface before we make a final judgement.

Try Easy Click Pips

easy click pips

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  1. Don’t waist your time or money on this, I did and I lost… First they say it’s $47.00 then after you pay they tell you to upgrade to the cloner and you won’t be charged for the $47.00 but only $97.00 every month and profit from the trading done by their brokers, not true they charged me for both. I have sent them several emails with no reply. Now the Cloner.. Professional traders? My account is down more than $1200.00 in one week. I have asked for a refund today, let’s see if that will happen.
    Don’t waist your time guys they are liars with bad customer support. I’m going back to trading on my own because there is no magic when it comes to forex. Good luck and success in your trading!

  2. Does the cloner copy the same signals from the main product? If so, can we get just the cloner? Thanks.

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