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EA World FX Review (AI Software)

EA World FX is a Forex robot developer providing multiple automated trading systems. They believe that their market leading expert advisors provide traders “with an exciting way of earning profits” in the Forex market. Currently, they offer six different systems, and we’ll be taking a look at each one and letting you know if they are viable.

According to the sales page the “EA World FX’s founders are successful entrepreneurs passionate about several fields combined: marketing, trading, analysts, mathematicians, programming, computer-engineering experts, software and artificial intelligence technology development.” This is all well and good, but they do not provide any detail about these founders so we can’t verify their identities. In their values section of the website they claim that “trust and transparency are key,” but they don’t provide any transparency when it comes to their identity or location. We need this information so that we can determine their reputation in the Forex market, if they have one.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email If you do email them, see if they will give you any specifics about who they are and let us know.


EA World FX Review

The EA World FX website consists of a single page with information about the robots, the market and the opportunity. It works differently than other robots, because traders are required to open an account with the vendor’s “broker partner.” They are also different in that they charge a performance fee, but we will get into that a bit later.

There are a handful of reasons why this group feels their systems are set apart from their competitors.

  1. World class technology
  2. Up to 10% monthly returns
  3. Three year backtest and one year live trading
  4. Verified Myfxbook results

These are all important aspects, and what we expect from all of the best Forex robots currently available.

Trading Strategy

Each of the EA World FX robots comes with a short paragraph explaining its strategy. In this section of the review we will provide a brief analysis of each.

  • Crushtip EA – Uses a short term scalping strategy. Designed to work in volatile market conditions while using unique money management.
  • Swatmi EA – Uses a breakout trading strategy “to predict market swings, reversals and trends.” This strategy also includes grid trading and hedging.
  • Intdai EA – Uses a hedging strategy that looks for “key institutional levels and high probability trading zones for trades.”
  • Coved EA – This system uses multiple trading strategies, and switches between them based on the current market conditions.
  • Flushpips EA – Uses a trend based trading strategy, that risks 2.5% of the account per trade.
  • Skytrend EA – This grid based strategy focuses on identifying entry points using a mathematical algorithm. The take profit is unique to each trade, based on the market.

The strategy explanations are pretty thorough considering the amount of systems they offer. Our most recent reviews of Alpha Account Booster EA by Forex Robot Guru and Wave Runner Forex Robot could learn a thing or two.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $250 + 30%
  • Strategy: Multiple
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

For traders interested in the EA World FX service, it can be purchased for a one time license fee of $250, and a performance fee of 30% per month. So, not only do you have to pay $250, which is higher than the #1 rated robot on Forex Robot Nation, but you also have to pay 30% of all your winnings back to this company. This is really asking too much as far as we are concerned.

Trading Results

The EA world FX group offers three live Myfxbook accounts with the Equiti brokerage. The accounts are showing results for the Coved, Crushtip and Elitrob systems.

Each of the accounts started well around early March 2020, but they all appear to be struggling significantly over the last few weeks. One of the strangest aspects of the trading results is that each of the systems are showing over all pip losses in the millions. We’ve never seen anything like this before, and wonder if it is a flaw in the broker, as we’ve never heard of Equiti before.

The Crushtip account currently has a 60% drawdown, a gain of 14% and an absolute gain of -10%. The Coved account currently has a 39% drawdown, a gain of 73% and an absolute gain of -.49%. Lastly, the Elitrob account currently has a 57% drawdown, a gain of 55% and an absolute gain of -1.72%.

So, as we review this service, none of the accounts are positive.


While there are many positives to the EA World FX, it just doesn’t appear to be performing well enough for us to provide a recommendation at this time. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments below the article now.

EA World FX $250 + 30%
  • Pricing
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EA World FX provides multiple Forex robots but utilize a very strange pricing structure where they take 30% of the client’s winnings.

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Multiple robots
Myfxbook results


Bad pricing structure
Lacking transparency

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