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EA Reviews: FX Share Robots

Today I’m looking at a trading website that offers professional Forex auto trading EA’s and indicators, FX Share Robots. The developers of these systems tell us that they offer “highly profitable Forex trading solutions for the MetaTrader platform.” There are 2 main sections of the website, downloads for MT4, and promotions, where they provide discounts and packages of their products.

The service has been around since early 2015, and while there is no address, the IP of their servers is located in Lithuania. For customer support traders can fill out the contact us form on their web page. For all trading robot reviews and ratings go here.


FX Share Robots Review

According to the sales page, the developers of the FX Share Robots system, always looking for new innovative ways to trade Expert Advisors and Forex Robots. They feel it’s important to offer both robots and indicators because this allows them to reach every style of trader. They believe that certain traders will work better with robots, and others with indicators.

Their strategies are built on the fundamentals of good money management and mathematics. When coming up with an idea they focus on specific mathematical formulas that they believe will result in good probability winning trades.

Each system they develop is built to work on any time frame and any currency pair, as well as stocks. Personally, I prefer trading systems that provide more of a distinct strategy. I really don’t have the time to purchase a system, and then tested on every different pair and timeframe available to figure out what works best. This is work that I believe the developers should be doing.


  • Type: Forex Robots & Indicators
  • Price: $39.90 – $198.90
  • Timeframe: All
  • Pairs: All

Trading Systems

The FX Share Robots development team currently have 13 trading systems available.

  1. Smart Auto Breakout + Hedge EA
  2. Forex Scalping Strategy System v2.0 EA
  3. Hedge Channel Trading System v2.0 EA
  4. RSI Trading System v3.0 EA
  5. Trend Signal Indicator v1.1
  6. Channel Trader System v1.2
  7. Universal Trading System Software
  8. Market Tracker 1.2
  9. S&R Channel Trading System Software
  10. RSI Trading System Software
  11. Dynamic Trader v1.1
  12. MacD Trading System V1.0
  13. Moving Average Trader v1.0

The majority of the products are Forex robots. I’m not going to specifically breakdown each trading robot they provide, because that would take me hours, but I’ll take a look at their latest offerings and give you a breakdown of what they provide.

With each product, there is a short explanation of how the system works, often a demo version, a video, and a backtest. The presentation and the description of these systems is adequate. There is enough information to go on, but the FX Share Robots results are lacking. This development team is still relying heavily on back test images. The EA I’m looking at right now, their latest, the Forex Smart Auto BreakOut Hedge system, they don’t provide a trading statement. There is an image of a back test, but we aren’t shown any actual trades. For all we know this image could be drawn, or just represent a very small sample size of trades where the robot was successful.

In order to truly have an impact in the Forex market in 2020 developers need to utilize real statement sharing services like Myfxbook.


While there are certainly positives to be taken from this FX Share Robots review, the developers still have a long way to go in terms of their testing. I’m sure over time, the developers here will focus more on providing trading statements and results that we can follow along with.

Thank you for reading my review, please leave comments and suggestions now.

FX Share Robots $39.90 - $198.90
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FX Share Robots is an expert advisor developer providing over 10 different trading products.

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Many systems
Affordable options


No distinct strategy
Limited trading results

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us

  2. I have this EA,.so far it’s been stable for 3 months ~70%/month on my demo account 3 pairs. will try live soon. it uses fixed lot size, no martingale

  3. Best grid EA I ever used, nice support. No martingale!

  4. It uses the very risky Martingale Strategy. It will wipe you off the map of the Earth.

    • Thank you for advice

    • Best forex robots

      fxsharerobos provided me with Best forex robots and indicator i have tested so far, and beleive me I have tested a lot. Non of their strategy uses martingale, you have full controll of your account, there are many safety features. supoort is very nice too! I think its something wrong with your review, because their website looks completely different then its posted here :/ anyway highly recommend their products, especially grid ea, market meter, and renko charts pro! happy pips for all ! 🙂

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