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EA Review: Robin VOL 3

Today I’m reviewing a Forex expert advisor that’s been on the market since 2013 and is recently updated to version 3, Robin VOL. This trading system takes a very conservative approach to the markets, and looks to grow traders accounts slowly with very little risk. The RobinTradingHub company provides the EA, a signal service and other trading systems like their recently released Robin Watchdog, which monitors different server aspects inside of MT4. I’ll provide a little overview over this product as well during the review.

RobinTradingHub and all associated products are owned and developed by OpenSistemas, a Spanish company located at C/ Salvatierra, Nº4, 28034, Madrid. The main developer is Fernando Monera, who doesn’t have much of a reputation in the Forex market, but has “years of experience and innovative projects related to data analyst, education and content management.” For support, email

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Robin VOL 3 Review

With the latest version 3, the creators of Robin VOL believe that they have continued to provide traders with the ability to earn consistent profits on a long-term basis. Being as though consistency and long-term goals have been a staple of this program, it’s good to see that they have continued to focus on this aspect in the latest version.

Even though the creators made this new version from scratch, they’ve been able to stick to their mandate. One of the main aspects in this update, is that it allows traders to operate using multiple configurations at the same time because they have fully redesigned their order management system. This ensures that the software avoids unnecessary commissions and can manipulate market data in a much more reliable way.

The main strategy behind the software remains the same, it trades volatility breakouts on either breakout occurrence or breakout retracement.

There are many more features discussed on the website, I recommend that you check it out if you are interested.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $395/year
  • Strategy: Technical
  • Timeframe: M15

The creators of the Robin VOL EA position themselves as a professional investment company. With that, comes a price tag that’s quite steeper than your average Forex robot. While I have no issue paying $395 for the system, I do have an issue paying that amount on a yearly basis. I feel that the only way that I’d be able to recover my funds for purchasing the system, is if I use the EA on a large live account. Personally, it takes me quite a few months of testing a system before going live. So, in this case it would take me some time to recover the purchase price.

Trading Results

The Robin VOL the vendor provides us with 3 trading accounts for us to analyze. The main account, is showing a gain of 14% since early June 2016. The 2nd account shows a gain of 6.93% since early July 2016, and the 3rd account which they tell us is an unofficial high risk account, shows a gain of 28.91% since April 2016.

I thought for sure they would have longer accounts than these, considering how long this robot has been available to the public.

Each account provided keeps the open trades and the history of trades totally hidden, so it’s hard to get a full grasp on how the trade logic operates on a trade by trade basis. Regardless, we can see that the average win is 64 pips, and the average loss is 47 pips this is a working risk reward ratio, and it is unlike most robots in the market because of how large the average trade is.

These results show us one main thing, and that’s that the creators of the system are still focused on small consistent returns. This account is showing a monthly gain of just under 1%, so while you can rely on it to win you trades, you can’t expect it to provide you with massive returns on a daily basis.


For the most part, I like what I see from Robin VOL 3. The developers of the system do a very good job at analyzing the market, and finding ways to provide stable returns. They have updated their system frequently, and provide a reliable option in the Forex market. The only issue I have with this system, is that it costs $395 year, and unless you have a very large deposit, you won’t be making your money buying on a 1% gain on a monthly basis.

Thank you for reading my review, and please leave comments with your experiences and questions about the robot.

Download Robin VOL 3

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  1. HI Everyone,

    Robin has meet my expectations it is a rippa never seen anything like it worth paying every year for i have for the first time withdraw real profits real.

    Its paid for its self 100% happy well done robin people you know how to trade the forex market with a robot

    Thanks for everything

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I have decided to try the robin ea and have been told you can get a full refund within the first month if not satisfied no questions asked.

    Here is the link to myfx book to see how it works

    I have setup default settings and loaded the setting they recommend which the change monthly.

    Thanks Daniel

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