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EA Review: Darkmoon FX

Today I’m looking at the development team that focuses on professional trading tools and expert advisors, Darkmoon FX. This team is behind 6 different semiautomated trading systems, Dark Knight, TraderAgent, NewsInfo, VelocityMeter, SpreadMonitor, AccountInfo and TradeInfo. The majority of these programs are built to help traders monitor different aspects of the market, and use this data to influence their trades manually.

While there is no information on the developer on the website, I found an MQL5 profile that’s directly associated, and selling these products in the MQL5 marketplace. The owner and sole developer is Norbert Mereg, a Forex trader located in the United Kingdom. To get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website, that takes up to 2 days in order to get a response.


Darkmoon FX Review

The main system sold on the Darkmoon FX website is the IceFX TraderAgent, which is a “professional trade assistant tool for Metatrader 4.” While the website frequently advertises their service as expert advisor experts, it’s a surprise to see that their number one software is more of a trade manager, then anything else. The software allows traders to manage trading risk, adjust the stoploss and take profit levels with just a few clicks.

The TraderAgent is well-developed, and includes many key features, such as quick position management, breakeven, trailing stop, hedging, stealth mode, grid support, trendline opening, 5 trailing stop, predefined stop loss, spread maximization, equity auto close, using channels, remote position management and closing positions at predetermined times. This tool certainly offers a lot of help to manual traders, and it’s going for just $99.

Dark Knight EA

Now that we’ve analyze the most popular Darkmoon FX system, let’s get into a quick analysis of their most popular expert advisor, the Dark Knight. This is a trend following robot that uses a “unique to level trend filter that can reduce to minimize open positions in the wrong direction.” The goal of the development team is to hit over 50% winners, in order to be profitable in the short and long-term.

Like many of the other products provided by this developer, one of my favorite aspects is their on chart imagery, as it’s a stunning aesthetic.

This trend following approaches, and other automated trading systems I’ve recently reviewed like Algo Scalper and Ektlatant Forex Robot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $49-$99
  • Strategy: Trend Following
  • Timeframe: M15

As for the pricing, I’ve included the prices for both the Darkmoon FX’s TraderAgent, which is $99 and the Dark Knight EA which is $49. The reason for reviewing both of these systems, is because they are the most popular products provided by this group.

For traders interested in the Dark Knight EA, they can also rent the software for one month, or download the free demo. The software was first published on 17 April in 2014, and was last updated on December 2, 2014. So, it’s quite clear that Norbert is no longer interested in his most successful automated tool.

Trading Results

The Darkmoon FX team provide us with a back test from 2011 to 2014, which really doesn’t do much for us in 2018. I will say that the back tests are impressive, but considering they are 4 years old, they really don’t provide us with an updated look at how the Dark Knight expert advisor performs in current market conditions.

If Norbert is truly interested in selling this EA, I recommend that he start providing results on Myfxbook.


In terms of the Dark Knight EA, I’m not interested, but some of the other Darkmoon FX programs do look helpful for manual traders. The TraderAgent is a pretty impressive tool, and Norbert also provides traders with many free programs to help with their manual trading as well. I recommend that you go to the website, and take a look at these for yourself.

If you’ve anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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  1. The documentation can be downloaded on our official site:

  2. I recently purchased The TraderAgent. I paid $99US. When the download was emailed to me the link for the manual was broken and I can not down load it. I have sent several requests for help and have several support tickets opened and non of them have been acted upon. I am not able to use the EA without the manual.

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