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EA Review: Aqua Forex Trading

Today I’m looking at a new Forex expert advisor promising to help traders stuff their trading accounts with unlimited profits, Aqua Forex Trading. The sales page for this EA is one of the worst I’ve seen in quite a few years, as it has little to no information about the software, or the developers. They expect traders to shell out nearly $300 for a single license of this software, so I’ll do my best to dig and find more information about this product, but from what I’m seeing on the sales page, this is going to be very difficult to recommend.

It is unknown who the developers of the software are, or where they are located, but a WHOIS domain search does provide us with more information. It turns out, that the website is hosted in Budapest, on the exact same server as, a robot review site owned by Tibor Nagy. Thus, it’s very easy to draw the conclusion that this robot is owned and promoted by Tibor, through his robot review website. To get in touch with support, traders can email


Aqua Forex Trading Review

The creators of the system asked the community what they are waiting for, and why they haven’t started getting profits from the Aqua Forex Trading software yet. They promise that traders can start trading in making money within 60 minutes of signing up with their expert advisor. Outside of these statements, there is really no other information about the EA whatsoever.

Considering this product is owned by a robot review website, I’m very surprised that they are unable to provide us with any detail about their Forex trading strategy. You would think that someone with a large amount of knowledge about these systems, would be able to better represent their system to the marketplace.

Historically, when robot developers spent very little time on their sales pages, it leads me to believe that they’ve spent very little time on their product as well. It’s important for developers to spend adequate time at each juncture to ensure the community and reviewers like myself, that it’s a worthwhile opportunity.

In recent product reviews, I’ve noticed there are other systems not providing enough information like Forex Magic Scalper, Big Ben Time EA and Forex Tester 3.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $298
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: H1

With the price take of nearly $300, I expect a lot more from the Aqua Forex Trading team. They essentially want us to pay nearly $300 for system they aren’t willing to tell us about. I don’t know about you, but when going into a large investment like this, I want as much information as possible. With hundreds of other systems out there willing to provide more information about their strategy trading approach, it’s clear to see that this one is lacking the most imperative aspects.

Trading Results

With such a high price tag, and very little information about the strategy, you’d think that the Aqua Forex Trading results would make up for this by blowing us out of the water. Yet, they do not, in fact they do very little for us at all. Despite the product being on the market for a few months, the trading results are only showing us a 1 day history.

This information leads me to believe that the other accounts running the software have either gone into major draw downs or totally imploded, to the point where they’ve had to start over with the fresh account.

There really isn’t much to say about the new account, considering it’s such a small sample size, but in the one day running, the software is showing a gain of just over 1%. I’ll still provide the FX Blue account here so we can monitor it.

This is obviously an account that we can watch and analyze over time, but considering the last account likely crashed and burned, we have to be very cautious with our approach.


The developers provide us with no information about the strategy, and the trading results are also quite lackluster, so I see no reason to sign up with Aqua Forex Trading at this point in time. My suggestion for the development team is simple, spend more time working on your sales page, and your trading results. When you can prove that the software is a viable trading product, then I will reconsider my analysis and continue my testing.

Thank you for spending time here at Forex Robot Nation, and please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to the review.

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  1. have you reviewed an EA called Bens scalper?

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