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EA Review: Actinic Forex Robot

Today I’m looking at a new trading system claims to have made automated trading more authentic, Actinic Forex Robot. The creators of this system tell us that they are different from other developers because they don’t disappear after making a few sales. They will be providing long-term support and a very simple interface for you to work with.

It is unknown who the developers of the software are, traders can get in contact with their support team via

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Actinic Forex Robot Review

The sales page is geared towards traders that have had negative experiences with other Forex robots. They tell us that they are aware it is difficult to sort through the market and find a profitable system like their Actinic Forex Robot. With their software there is “no need to stress over the state of the market” because their automated tool does all of the heavy lifting.

They offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee, but they are confident that they will not have to give anyone their money back.


Type: Forex Robot
Price: $189
Strategy: Undisclosed
Timeframe: M30


The Actinic Forex Robot is built to work with 2 pairs, above I have highlighted the 2 most popular. Traders don’t need any background experience in the Forex market and full support is provided “until you master your solution.”

There are no hidden fees, lifetime access and the system is easy to install.

There is no real information on the strategy that is being utilized, so we will have to rely on the vendor results account, which is always a difficult position to be in.

Trading Results

The vendors provide us with an FX blue account that is been running for 35 days. This account is showing a weekly return of 10%, and a monthly return of 51%. The average length of a Actinic Forex Robot trade is 21 hours, and to get to this number, the winning trade length is 13 hours and losing trade length is 32 hours. So, if you are using the system in the trade is starting to exceed 13 hours, you are more than likely in line for a loss.

While the developers tell us that the software works with 6 pairs, you will see that there are only 2 pairs being utilized in this account. This is why I only put those 2 pairs in the breakdown section of the review.

The majority of the wins are in the 30 pip range, and the losses fluctuate anywhere from 7 pips up to 171 pips in the worst-case scenario.

In the 35 days that this system has been running, have already been 161 trades, which means this trades quite frequently.


It’s still very early in the testing process for the Actinic Forex Robot, so I’m not on either side of the fence at this point in time. I would like to see some discussion regarding the strategy being utilized here so that I know I’m not getting myself into a martingale-based system but outside of that it’s looking good so far.

Please let me know what you think about this robot by leaving your reviews and comments below this article now.

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