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EA matrix is a new Forex robot whose developers claim that is the number one rated expert advisor and that it is the most effective Forex trading program on the planet. I find this hard to believe because I’ve never heard of it but I will look into this system that believes it knows the secrets to achieve more winning trades in reducing unnecessary losses.

Today I will be providing a review of this software and letting the Forex community in the Forex robot nation readers determine whether or not this is a worthwhile investment.

ea matrix

EA Matrix Review

Despite being a Forex robot EA matrix has no results at all. For product costing $300 I expected be some sort of results outside of a couple of screenshots from an iPhone. These screenshots are also results from over four months ago so it is very hard for me to take this system seriously even after just looking at it for a few brief moments.

ea matrix results

The developers of the software claim that it is fully customizable and that it is a scalper that takes advantage of lower timeframe charts during volatile periods. The software only trades the London session and there is a built-in news filter that will avoid major news releases.

Let’s take a look at some of the features being heralded by ea matrix team. The software can be designated to trade only one direction of the four hour trend or anticipated reversal. The system can turn itself on and off during specific times when the market moves the most. Traders can create their own trading plans and add their own rules to the software. I’m not sure exactly how this is done because it is not explained further but it is an interesting concept if it truly does exist.

I will not be recommending the EA matrix to the Forex robot nation readers today. The lack of results and strategy discussion are the two main reasons but the no results is enough for me to avoid this at all. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below. If you’re looking for a Forex system that works feel free to email me by clicking on the contact page and I’ll help you find one just for you.

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  1. Justin Giacomini

    With all due respect Patrick, I agree with you on most of your reviews but EA Matrix is revolutionary. Ive had access to this program for a 8 months now and it is truly remarkable. It basically scalps trending markets during the most active trading hours. The EA actually turns itself on and off throughout the day in accordance with the trading plan that it either customized by the user, or by a forex professional for a small additional monthly charge. Not just in the London session which you mentioned above. I have subscribed to the platinum trading plan and they send anywhere from one to three trading plans out daily. The trading plan is a .txt file that you save in your Meta trader account that relays to the EA whether or not a specific pair is in a trading window. If it is, the EA uses several filters to only enter high probable trades. The great part about it is I can look over what their trading professional sends me and make small adjustment to the trading matrix file before I save and run it. Or create a trading plan matrix on my own if I see something develop. Ive been trading now full time for 7 years and I have not seen anything like this. It is a crucial piece of my trading strategy that I use daily. Thank you for this website. It is very informative.



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