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Don’t Trade With FX Revenge

Today we are providing an in-depth review and informing the Forex community why they shouldn’t trade with FX Revenge. This software is developed by Robert M. Parker, or “Dollar Bob” who claims to have a “secret for making $2,621 every day.” Robert has no reputation or history in the Forex market. For support requests you can contact the product developers at

The initial impressions of this software are not good. This looks more like a binary options scam, than a Forex trading product. We do have a list of top rated binary options products currently undergoing tests in our Binary Options Lab, here.


FX Revenge Review

It seems that the FX Revenge product is following the common binary options sales tactics, and this is not a good thing. First of all, the promise of $2,621 daily is a pipe dream and should be ignored immediately. These are the type of numbers frequently thrown around in the binary options market to draw attention and attain uneducated clients.

Products like these never talk about trading. There’s one main reason for this. The developers actually have no idea how to trade, or what trading strategy even looks like. So instead, they tell traders how amazing this product is without ever actually providing any real substance.

The Purpose

What’s the point in releasing a product like FX Revenge that is destined to fail? Well, the developers are trying to push as much traffic as possible to their affiliated brokerage FM-FX. Even if the product fails, they will have earned some money in referring some clients.


Another disappointing sales tactic from binary options is the reliance on fake testimonials. One of the testimonials is from William Peterson who says “I didn’t believe it. But I gave it a shot. Since then my world has turned upside down. I could quit my job as I make enough money just by using FX Revenge system.”

Of course, there is no proof anywhere to backup these claims. No trading statements, no myfxbook accounts, not even screen shots of MT4 charts showing different trade setups.

It’s really quite baffling to think that anyone would sign up with such a poorly put together presentation.


Don’t sign up with FX Revenge. This is more of a binary options product than it is a Forex trading system. The developers clearly have no idea how to trade and this is why real trading data is absent throughout the entire presentation.

Keep doing what you are doing, and feel free to contact us here at Forex Robot Nation whenever you like.

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