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Disciplined Forex Trading – Forex System

 disciplined forex trading 

New system Disciplined Forex Trading is available now, it is a Forex software and training developed by Greg Carson, an unknown in the market. I will go over the details in this review and give you the full scoop. The price for this system is $497 and it is being sold on the Safecart payment processor.

Tagline: You’ll have access to one of Forex trading’s most powerful systems that will give you the power to earn,


I am not at all impressed by Disciplined Forex Trading and don’t recommend it at all. It’s one of those crappy sales pages with a video promising all sorts of Forex success. I like to see that a little more work was put into something before I buy.

Also, I found that they tried to sell the site 1 year ago for the price of $500, which happens to be what they are charging for the software now. Don’t believe me? Check out the flippa link here.


Looks like all there is with Disciplined Forex Trading is a video that teaches and shows potential set ups, no real results.  The problem with not having any type of Forex results is that it  really cannot show a true image of the strategy itself and thus does not depict how the Forex product will actually perform.  This is our opinion on Disciplined Forex Trading on behalf of Forex Robot Nation and an adroit ascertainment of the market for Forex products itself. 

disciplined forex trading results

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  1. Please send me lesson 3

  2. Hello
    I am interest in Disciplined Forex Trading.
    Please send me explain pdf file.

    Thank you

  3. Hello folks,

    my name is Daniel Henning,
    i want to say that the claims and promises of the DISCIPLINED FOREX
    webpage are at first look interesting, but they are PURE TOTALLY SCAMMERS !

    They try to replicate a company named the DYNAMIC GAINS INCORPORATION that is build of real profitable traders that offer a mentoring service for the new beginners in trading. The DYNAMIC GAINS INC. is a wonderful corp. and it was able to teach me the pillars of profitable trading.
    I could change my live since i’ve taken part to their schoolarship and teaching programme.
    But the promises that are made from the others… the scammers,… those totally wrong replicating webpage “DISCIPLINED FOREX ” and their claims as well as the promises that aren’t absoulutely adhered from them, have been otherwise complied totally from the
    DYNAMIC GAINS CORP. … the original source of the mentoring sefvice !
    I have taken part to the mentoring programme from the DYNAMIC GAINS INCORPORATION that they offered me and i must say SINCERELY, … there is nothing comparative or better that i have ever got to know in my trading career since i started 3 years ago,… to learn
    the secrets of one of the best Forex trading systems combined with a moneymanagement method and a psychological behaviour the teached me, that shocked me since the beginning of the mentoring service i got from THE DYNAMIC GAINS COMPANY.

    Folks,… they shared me just and totally the absoulute pillars of profitable trading in the forex markets.


    The claims and promises they offer are not adhered. They do wrongly only replicate
    offer and promises and services from the DYNAMIC GAINS CORP. ,
    but without giving to the student the things he will pay for.

    If you want to learn the forex perfectly, take this truly and sincere and heartily advice
    from me and try the teaching programme of the DYNAMIC GAINS COMPANY like i have done.
    Trust in me… the DYNAMIC GAINS CORP. will change your trading behaviour and make you a proficient and profitable FX trader !

    I hope i could warn and save you from mistakes with a false damn scammer.

    Sincerely to you all,


    (P.S. Please folks ,… pardon me my bad english… .)

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