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DDFX Forex – Anomaht Forex System

Today I am going to be reviewing DDFX Forex a system created by A Anomaht. I have heard little about this trading software but look forward to learning more and teaching you about it as well. So what type of promise comes with this Forex software:

With DDFX you can earn 100,200,300,400,500 pips and so on every week.

Bold claims, as we are used to seeing, hopefully DDFX Forex comes through and passes the Forex Robot Nation testing. There are three basic principles that this system follows. If you know how to do these things properly you will undoubtedly be a better trader and thus, be profitable.

  • You must be able to identify the trend and price action.
  • DDFX Forex will teach you how to join the trend with precise timing.
  • Then they will allow you to filter the false signal.
If all three of these Forex strategies can be implemented and learned/inserted into your Forex trading game plan you will certainly have more success as a Forex trader. What the DDFX Forex team has done is combined these elements and made themselves a trading system to complete these tasks for you.
It is the DDFX Forex system that is price action following. Here I will show you the results that they have provided so far:
ddfx forex


Thats pretty much it for the DDFX Forex review. Obviously we will be adding more information as we get it and hopefully results as well. If you have any information that you would like to share please just leave a comment below and start the discussion.

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Now DDFX v4 give advance trading startegy.The Golden line indicator in DDFX v4 help to identify Bull & Bear market if candle are above Golden Line indicator, we only look for buy if below Golden line look for sell.Easy and simple i open sell in GBP/JPY on 31 august 2011, for
    3 week market move below golden line i leave it my trade and close trade when candle bar move above Golden line ,i get 800 pip ……… SHASHIE

  2. Well Ive done 17 trades now and had 4 small losses. This is a very good system in fact Ive never seen a better one ever. I thought MBFX was good but I think this one edges it out.
    You need to purchase it to get your head around the signal side of things its well setup and easy to understand and doesnt repaint, and I have to date just stuck with the 1hr time frame which seems to be great.The old story follow the rules !! There are good comments out there on the web most users seem to be happy. Well worth reading up about it you have nothing to lose !!

  3. Good Going Shashie and Bruce,
    Now you Guys have got me interested in what you are doing. Keep it up and us informed. How is the support and on what time frames do yopu trade on, If I may ask and what signals do you look for? Thanks

  4. Have 7 trades completed now for 7 wins and 143 pips. Only been taking around 20 pips per trade and will now step that up.To date I am very pleased with this system.I have another system called Trade Manager which is very good and allows you to setup trades in advance so thought I may try it DDFX and see if it works ok. Should do.Will let you know.

  5. Hi Shashi (or spell it with a ‘e’,)
    Glad to know you are having a decent system and making money. Keep going.!!! I was having the same problems as you initially as the software kept giving false signal. But being interested in EAS I found a way around that. As I would follow them manually if winning and go against the signal if losing money. It helped me get better drawdowns on a average with my EAS. But after reading about success, I think it would be better to keep one platform only for manual trading. Does anyone have any experience with Black Diamond Trader? Let me know?
    All The best.

  6. Thanks Shashie for your reply. This is a very good system done 5 trades 5 wins and one still out there but heading towards the TP, and hopefully keep heading that way.Only been using it since last week. Seems to be better than my other system DDFX that I have been using.
    Will keep you posted with a few more results


  7. I use FXOPEN platform . DDFX work on all Boker .These are technique i use to trade
    ” wait on 1H TF, When all signal going down/ up, look at MARKET SENTIMENT Indicator if it change to BLUE/RED i look at 1min TF to enter .I ever enter if MARKET SENTIMENT indicator on 1min TF are green.maybe u have better technique ,I still new in forex….Tq………..SHASHIE

  8. Hi Shashie hows the DDFX system going? I am considering purchasing as I like the look of it and prefer these kind of systems to EAs. The feedback on the web seems positive.
    Please advise

  9. Hi Shashie, What broker you use?I just buy DDFX yesterday.I hope this system can give me a lot green pips.

    1 Malaysia

  10. Bro ! i use this DDFX Indicator for one month ,I deposit just 50$ after using DDFX at
    1 Hour TF , I make 500$ end of month (week min 200-400 pip). I risk 5% – 10% total capital when trade.this is Awsome indicator .It really work well in 1Hour TF. i have tried 100 various indicator past 3 years but i always lose money, sometime FX market sudden change make me confuse to trade. DDFX gives accurare signal .

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