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Currency Sniper – Forex Trading Software

currency sniperSo Currency Sniper is here and I have all the details in review. Is it going to win? Is it going to lose? These are the questions I will answer and then we can have a discussion about the Forex trading software below.

Tagline: Executing profitable Forex trades with Alarming Accuracy

So here we have it, a cool shooter, the call of duty of Forex, Currency Sniper. Okay, if you don’t play video games you won’t get that reference and you really don’t need to because thisis about Forex and I will give you exactly what you need to know. First I think we can start off with some quick details, break down what the systems consist of so you can find out immediately if they are for you.

Currency Sniper Details

  • Currency Sniper Service $77 per month.
  • Currency Club $197 one time.
  • CS Botronics $77 one time.
  • CS Renegade $47 one time.
So there you have it, a full list of the products or as I like to call them upsells! So make sure if you want to buy this Forex software only get what you want, you don’t have to buy every upsell under the sun.

Currency Sniper Results

Currently there are no results available at this point in time for Terry Marshall’s Currency Sniper system. I hope that I can get a copy soon and add it to the best Forex robot results page.

Currency Sniper Conclusion

At this point it is too early to make any determination. Now, hopefully I can get a copy early so that it can be reviewed sooner. If not, we will have to wait until the end of August for this one. If you have any comments on Currency Sniper make sure that you add the below.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hmmm… bad old Plimus to boot. And looks like Plimus is already being bombarded with hate mail on this one. They yanked the sales page for now it seems.

  2. Well Guys I’ve just asked for a refund on AutoForexIncome, as the demo account went from £2900 to under $400 in 3 weeks. The DD is immense with only small profits. I think I’ll leave this one to the shmucks. jeanenry.

  3. Currency Sniper is a scam!! they will take your money and keep taking it they will not honer there refund policy

  4. I, similar to Aiden, bought the main Currency Sniper product, and I also bought the Cs Botronics upsell. What Aiden says is true, I wasn’t ever told anywhere in the sales process that I would have to sign up for and use one of the brokers that the Currency Sniper team uses. That’s not cool. I have an Alpari US account, and Alpari US doesn’t offer, or support, tradency/systematic accounts so using the mirror trader software with my broker is thus impossible. Cs Botronics (the EA upsell) has made some trades for me, which honestly have made me a little bit of money.

  5. Is 100% automatic?

  6. What is not mentioned in the promotional material is that you need to have an account set up with a broker that has the Tradency mirror trading software, the options I was given (country: Australia) were FXDD, FXCM, Alpari and markets.
    Which means that you will need to set up another account. As I can’t fund a third account at the moment it kind of limits it’s usefulness. I am attempting to get a demo account set up with Alpari so I can at least see how this performs.

  7. I bought the sniper on the 29th of aug but have yet to receive a working members area. I paid 97.00 with a recurring monthly charge of 97.00 which would be fine if i could receive it.

  8. I wasa quoted A$197 PM via one page, went to the promo page from here and the charge was reduced to A$147 – thanks guys.
    Howqever it seems a little ‘shonky’ as Terry says in the promo video that the price would be USD$97 per month – which means I should be paying that or less in A$

  9. just received another link. Be careful if you purchase this one – various links being sent out with different prices:
    Order Information
    Product Quantity Price per Unit Total
    Currency Sniper Currency Sniper
    Recurring Payment Terms £63.36 £63.36
    VAT 20.0%: £12.67
    Total: £76.03

  10. a link i was sent says its £129 per month plus vat – screen copy of order page below – no further info. Jen
    Order Information
    Product Quantity Price per Unit Total
    Currency Sniper Currency Sniper
    Recurring Payment Terms £128.68 £128.68
    VAT 20.0%: £25.74
    Total: £154.41

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