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Crypto Altcoin Trading Strategy that Works!

Day trading altcoins is a great way to cash in on the crypto market. I’ve reworked my crypto strategy and hit six wins in the last two weeks. All of these trades have risk reward ratios of two to three to one. So I’m either winning two to 3% or losing just 1%. And I’ll tell you something I am not losing. 

So if you want to start winning more of your altcoin trades, I’m going to give you a breakdown of my updated day trading crypto strategy absolutely free. I’ll show you real trades that I provided to my VIP group and show you how you can use my strategy to win more of your altcoin trades. But first smash the like button, subscribe to the channel, and leave a comment. If you do all three of these things, you’re automatically entered in my monthly raffle where you could win a free copy of my VIP group. So let’s get going.


Crypto Altcoin Trading Strategy

My crypto day trading strategy is amazing for altcoins, but you can also use this for stocks, Forex, indices, whatever you want, because this is priced action based. I’m using market structure, and this is how I trade my more serious accounts, relying less on indicators. The timeframes that I’m using, you can see here, I’m using either the M15 timeframe or the H1 timeframe. So those are the timeframes you’re going to use for this example, Obviously I’m using This is free. You can use this strategy on trading view or with metatrader 4, metatrader 5 or any platform you want to use. Now for indicators, I am just using one moving average. You can see right here, if you need to add it, just type moving average, and you will be able to access it here. 

Then put it on your chart. You’re just going to want to double click on it and set it to 200. I’m using the 200 day moving average. All that I’m doing with this is letting it help me determine the trend. I want to trade the trend. I want to trade the upward direction, right? So I’m only trading buy trades right now when the price is above this blue moving average line right here, which you can see in this example, it does go above the moving average right here. It also breaks out of my wedge at that point. And then I get this trade opportunity. 

So all the trade examples I’m going to show you today are real trades, I sent to my VIP group. I’m going to show you why I took those trades and provide you with a strategy you can use for your trading using real price action. Let’s start with the first trade.

Crypto trade #1 AXSUSDT

All right, for my first trade, I had an AXSUSDT trade. You can see, I have a wedge pattern drawn right here, the price consolidates within this wedge for a while. And then eventually it breaks through at this point, which is where I trigger my trade opportunity. You can see, I have my take profit set based on this high here. I have my stop loss set because of this recent low right here. I am just below that. And that gives me a nice risk reward ratio. Let’s take a look at the trade. You can see my risk reward ratio is 2.48. So I win 2.48%. I only lose 1% if I lose, but you know, this one isn’t going to lose as it’s already going in my direction. And I smashed my take profit right here for a very nice win. I also forgot to mention that this was above the 200 day moving average, which was another indication that this was a good buy trade. So that’s the first trade let’s move into trade Number two.

Crypto trade #2 TLMUSDT

For trade Number two, you can see I’m on the H1 timeframe. This is a descending channel. The price is staying within this descending channel. And eventually it breaks out of the channel right here. And then it breaks above the 200 day moving average. So this is where I place the trade. I put my take profit because of this relevant zone right here. And I put my stop loss close to this recent low. Let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade, very quickly It ticked my take profit. It was a very effective trade and this is my crypto trading strategy doing what it’s supposed to do. Let’s check out trade number three.

Crypto trade #3 FLMUSDT

For my third trade you can see we have a bullish flag pattern right here. The price is starting to consolidate, and eventually it does break out of this pattern right about here. And I place a trade at this moment. So let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade. Very quickly, It hit my take profit. The whole group was very happy with this trade. You can see it is above the 200 day moving average, which was my buy indicator. And then I had the recent low right here. That’s why I put my stop loss just below that. And then I had another relevant zone up here. You could see in green, if I scroll back that relevant zone, I am going to have to scroll back further than that. But regardless you can see I had a relevant zone there. That’s why I put my take profit at this point. And I did end up winning this trade. Let’s move into trade Number four.

Crypto trade #4 BALUSDT

For trade Number four, you could see this as a one hour trade on BALUSDT. Again, another bullish flag. The price is consolidating within this flag. You can see my moving average right here. It’s starting to break out. We get a breakout right here. The candle closes above. So I placed my trade right here. You can see, I have my stop loss at this level based on this recent low here. And I have my take profit just lower than this level right here because this is my key zone. So let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade. Again, Another very quick win. Right here, This trade didn’t go as well. You can see it actually goes and hits my stop loss afterwards, but I did get this win, it didn’t go in my direction. Not every trade goes exactly the way you want it to, but luckily this did take the win right here before it ended up coming down and continuing in a downward trend. Let’s take a look at trade Number five.

Crypto trade #5 BELUSDT

For trade Number five, you can see, I have another wedge pattern. The price is starting to consolidate within this wedge here, and then it breaks right here and you can see the moving average 200 is right here. So we are looking for that buy trade. You can see, I have my take profits set up here because this is a relevant zone that I have. And my stop loss is again, just below the recent low right here, just to be safe. So let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade. Bingo! Bango! Took a little bit more time, but it was a 15 minute timeframe. So it actually didn’t take much time at all, just a couple of hours to get this win right here. Another solid win using this crypto day trading strategy. This is the best way to trade. Honestly, price action is always the best way to trade. It works for all coin stocks, Forex, everything let’s move into the sixth and final trade.

Crypto trade #6 DOTUSDT

You can see this is the sixth and final trade rate here. I have a bullish pennant. The price is starting to consolidate within this area, within this market structure. It does end up breaking right here. This is where I decide to put my buy trade. Again, We are above the 200 day moving average. This is another good buy indicator. So we have my stop loss set right here. It is near this recent low. And then I have my take profit, which is right here near this recent low, a recent high, a great zone for me to target. And this is why I thought this would be a great trade. And so let’s just take a look and see what happened. Bang! Immediately, This one just shot into our direction. Not every trade goes that well, but I am on fire this week. Everyone will attest to it. The VIP group is really happy. Everyone’s happy. I’m crushing with these signals. Let me wrap it up. Maybe give you a free access to these signals. Let’s see. 


So you now have complete access to my updated crypto day trading strategy. That works incredibly well on altcoins. I know some of this is hard to understand for beginners, but price action and market structure is incredibly important and it’s better than any of the indicator strategies that I normally provide. You have to learn how to analyze the markets this way If you want to succeed. Long-term but if you can’t, if you don’t have the time, if you’re just working on it, maybe you can join my VIP signal group instead. I actually provide an analysis of every single signal that I provide. So you actually know why I’m doing the things I’m doing, and you can actually learn while you’re winning and placing trades. If you want to know where to place those trades, you can place trades with altcoin brokers like Binance, Coinbase, pro, Bitget there are tons of options available. 

So thank you guys for watching subscribe to the channel, like the video. Give me a comment, do all that good stuff. And if you like this video, you’ll probably like that video. And if you like that video, then you’ll probably like this video. That’s all I got to say, guys, I’m out of here. I love you. Peace.

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