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Claudius Forex EA

claudius-forex-eaClaudius Forex EA is a new high-powered automated trading system that’s built to help traders say goodbye to sleepless nights. The developers of the EA claim that their software is so simple to understand and set up that literally anyone can use it to generate unlimited profits from the currency markets like a highly skilled and trained professional.

Today I will be providing a review and informing the Forex robot nation readers about this new Forex trading expert advisor.

Claudius Forex EA Review

The Claudius Forex EA website is very simple. The developers don’t provide us with an in-depth analysis of the strategy behind the automated trader. What I can tell you is that one license is going for $99 and 2 licenses are being sold for $179. The software trades the EURUSD and GBPUSD on the M5 timeframe. The robot looks to pick up between 15 to 20 pips per trade and loses anywhere from 10 to 166 pips.

Like many other systems we’ve been seeing lately the developers claim that their software uses multiple independent trading strategies and one EA, dynamic trading logic, high trading frequency, I slippage protection, high spread protection and overall profit protection.


The results being provided for the Claudius Forex EA are available on FX blue using the FortFS brokerage. I have very little experience with this brokerage and I prefer my FX book accounts when it comes to reporting because I’ve seen some developers fabricate FX Blue results

fortfsI do like what I see from the results in the short time they’ve been trading. As of right now they have a monthly return of 10% in 43 days of testing. Yet, I’m not sure if this system has what it takes to be profitable in the long term. I question the system because it has lost nearly 1000 pips in this 43 days, but does show a profit. I find systems that lose such a sharp difference in pips are less likely to be successful in the long term. This is certainly something we will have to analyze moving forward.


I won’t be recommending the Claudius Forex EA today. My plan is to continue monitoring their results and see how the software performs in the long term. I have obvious questions about the systems performance moving forward and I would like them answered before I start any of my own tests. Please let me know if you’ve been using the system and if you recommended to the Forex robot nation readers.

If you’re looking for a more stable solution please check out the Best Forex Robot page and see what’s working for the majority of the Forex community. I appreciate the time that you spend here and hope that you have a great weekend coming up.

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  1. Results are looking good so far but I’m really not liking the -950 pips.

    That’s a lot of pips down the drain.

    I’m really surprised this thing is winning at all.

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