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City Traders Imperium Review: Features, Pitfalls, and Performance



If you’re serious about Forex, want to trade, and are confident you can get some serious returns, you don’t have to wait until you have the money to get started. Firms like City Traders Imperium are the perfect place to go. 

An educational and proprietary firm, it was established in 2018 by 2 professional traders in the UK. Once you pass evaluation, you can keep from 70% to 100% of the profits you make through them, and this isn’t all. 

City Traders Imperium also offers resources and education to interested investors, eventually giving them their own capital to trade with. It comes with strings attached, however. They only invest in people who invest independently instead of people who copy other people’s trades, and they provide assistance in developing long-term plans and investment strategies. 

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can look into their direct funding program too. 

Who are City Traders Imperium?

Based in London, UK, City Trading Imperium (CTI) is a proprietary firm that offers instant funding, day trading, and direct funding programs. 

Their instant funding program enables investors to access one-time funds after a single initial evaluation, but direct funding is perfect for anyone who wants to skip the evaluation and get straight to making money. 

If you’re looking for something more challenging yet rewarding, their day trading program offers a two-step evaluation. 

In all of these cases, you gain access to specialized funding opportunities with the option to receive as much as $2,000,000 for each account. And this money isn’t the only perk of working with them – they trade through MetaTrader 5 and use a tier-1 liquidity provider, and have access to the most advanced simulated real market conditions. 

Two-step Challenge

The goal of this account at CTI is to figure out who the talented and serious traders are – the ones worth investing into, and the ones who are consistent. Once identified, these traders are rewarded appropriately throughout this two-step funding challenge. Through this program, you’re given a 1 ration 33 leverage when you’re trading. 

In the first phase of the evaluation, you’re given a target profit of ten percent to meet, and you can’t make more than 4% in losses at the same time. There is also a maximum 10% loss rule you can’t break. 

During the first phase, you have 45 days after the day of your 1st position to make your goal profit from your initial account, and trading for at least 5 days is a requirement to move on to phase 2. 

Phase 2 of the evaluation involves traders reaching a 5% target profit while keeping the loss rules from phase 1. Once again, you’ll have 45 days to achieve this target from your starting day, and you can’t trade for less than 5 days if you want your account to be funded officially. 

Once you pass both phases, or are successful in both challenges, you’re finally free of your profit targets and can start trading. However, the limits on your losses for each trade still apply. The limits are no more than 4% loss per day, and no more than 10% loss on the total funding received. 

For the initial 10% amount, you’re able to keep 80% of the profits. After this, you become eligible for CTI’s growth plan. Under this plan, you get 90% of all profits in tier 1, and you get to keep 100% of the profits in tier 2! 

Traders are also eligible for bonuses, ranging from $100 to $1,000 depending on how big of an account you’re trading on. 

  • Scaling Plan

Under the day trading program at CTI, your account is closely evaluated and monitored before being fully funded. 

There is a 10% profit goal in a 4 month period for the day trading program, and two of the 4 months have to be profitable with at least 2 processed withdrawals. On top of all this, your account’s closing balance needs to be in the green when this four month period ends. 

Once this initial evaluation is over and done with, you will get an additional thirty percent of the amount originally in your account. 

  • Account Rules 

The day trading account at City Traders Imperium imposes a number of rules and regulations on traders both during and after the evaluation period. I thought it would be useful to lay them all down for you clearly, so here are all the rules that will be applicable to you if you start collaborating with City Traders Imperium under this plan: 

  • Every trader with CTI has a profit target during the evaluation phase – phase 1 has a 10% target, and phase 2’s profit target stands at 5%. This is the percentage of profit you’ll need to make as a trader on the original amount. Once funded, you won’t have any  profit targets anymore. 
  • When trading with CTI through the daily trading plan, you’re only allowed a maximum loss daily of only 4%. 
  • In addition to the 4% loss allowed daily, you will be only allowed a maximum loss of ten percent of the total amount before violating the account and failing the evaluation, or having your partnership with City Traders Imperium end. 
  • If you decide to obtain funding from CTI for your trading endeavors, I need to warn you, they won’t let you slack off. CTI dictates that you need to actively trade for at least 5 days before you can finish the evaluation phase. This 5-day period is also known as the number of minimum trading days required to pass evaluation. 
  • While CTI sets some hefty trading goals for the people it invests in, it doesn’t give you all the time in the world to do it. CTI allows for a maximum forty five trading days. But hey, I think this is a reasonable amount of days for you to show them what you can do. 
  • All the trades you do with CTI funds need to be closed during the week. CTI allows no weekend holdings, meaning you shouldn’t have any open positions at the end of the work week. 
  • When you’re getting your funds from trade from a 3rd party, there’s a level of personal responsibility that goes with it. CTI only releases funds to traders who use their own strategies to turn a profit to avoid any 3rd-party copy trading risks. This means that you can’t copy trades from other successful traders to coast through this partnership. 
  • EAs were invented to automate part or all of the trading you do, but it’s not without any risks. To successfully obtain funding from CTI, you need to assure them that you will not be exposing them to any 3rd-party EA risks. If you use these tactics, CTI can deny you funding, and you’ll basically be back at square one with your trading dreams. 

One-step Challenge

If none of the previous plans suit you, don’t worry. I have one more funding option left to discuss with you. CTI conducts standard one-step evaluations (without any time restrictions), and you can trade with a 1 ratio 10 leverage. 

Here’s what you have to do: earn a total 9% profit on your amount, and keep your losses under 5%. You can trade for as long as you need, but you have to put a stop loss in place on every position you open. This is to ensure the security of the funds CTI supplied you with. 

Once you pass evaluation, you get access to an officially funded account without any profit targets. All you need to do is keep your losses under 5% and set the stop loss for all your open positions. On top of all this, you can get payouts every week. 

Under this plan, withdrawals will not influence your account’s growth, and the plan doesn’t tell funded traders to make up for the profits you’re paid out. Your share of the total profits can be anywhere between 50% to 100%. 

This plan overall is super simple and undemanding, but there’s one caveat. If you want to scale it further, you need to hit a target profit of 10%. Any withdrawals you make won’t negatively influence whether you’re allowed to scale your account up or not. 

Direct Funding Account

If you don’t want to get evaluated or jump through any loops at all, you can access a direct funding account through the direct funding program. You can trade with a 1:10 leverage, and you get to keep 70% to 100% of all the profits made. There aren’t even any maximum or minimum time limitations! 

What Makes City Traders Imperium Different From Other Trading Firms?

Most prop trading firms don’t have different funding programs for different kinds of traders and trading styles. CTI, on the other hand, offers three. Namely: Instant funding, day trading, and direct funding programs. These plans, as well as CTIs own policies, don’t restrict your trading style, and allow you the room and flexibility to trade how you wish. You can trade whenever you want (except on the weekends if you’re on the day trading program), and hold trades for whatever time period you see fit. 

Is CTI Funding Legit or Scam?

No generous funding amounts or attractive profit splits are going to be of much use if a prop firm’s qualification criteria isn’t realistic. It won’t do you any good to play a game that’s been rigged against you from the start! This is why we need to take a closer look at what CTI’s criteria is, exactly, and whether it’s realistic or not. 

In my opinion. City Trading Imperium offers some of the easiest trading requirements you’ll see in this industry, especially among certain top players. They give you 1:10 leverage, you get room for 1.5% risk per position, and a lot of time to complete the evaluation stage. 

These terms are more than comfortable for any kind of trader, be it day traders, intra day traders, swing traders, or scalpers. 

It might hurt to hear this, but chances are, if CTI won’t fund you, it will be next to impossible for you to get trading funds from any other well-established prop firm. In fact, I can only think of two prop firms with more lenient criteria, namely MyForexFunds and BluFx, both of which offer instant funding. 


  • Stellar Trading Conditions: City Traders Imperium shines when it comes to offering an all-around excellent trading experience. It’s a platform that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it highly recommendable for anyone looking to trade.


  • Customer Support Woes: While City Traders Imperium has its strong points, it severely falters in the customer support department. The setup process is unnecessarily complicated, and even after passing phase 1, you might find yourself in a communication black hole. If you value responsive customer service, you might be better off exploring alternatives like TFF or TFT.


CTI is, in my opinion, a completely legit prop firm that offers traders a lot of flexibility in terms of trading funds, their own trading styles, and much more. 

Once you get through their evaluations, you’re able to earn withdraw your share of the profits as often as every week. 

I would recommend CTI to anyone who asks. They’re a well-established firm, they have a solid roster of traders working with them, and they’ll be good to you. All things considered, they’re definitely one of the top players in their field. 

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