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When signing up with a Forex broker, traders can actually get cash back on every single trade they place, as long as they use a Forex rebate service. In this category, we provide reviews and comparisons of every single Forex rebate company in the market, so the community is aware of which programs are providing the highest rebates.


There is really no reason to stop traders from using Forex rebate programs. These programs are essentially all upside, and no downside as the majority of rebate providers will allow you to stick with your current brokerage. The only issue that may arise, is that a rebate provider may not be associated with your brokerage, but in this case, you would just use a different rebate provider that is.


The cash back programs aren’t large chunks of money, but if you are trading, and you are trading frequently than it doesn’t hurt to be getting a couple of cents back from every trade that you place.


Please go through all of my Forex rebate program reviews, and pick one that is already associated with your broker so you can start getting pips back today.

Rebate Review: Forex 4 Less

Today I continue my rebate review series, looking at a cash back provider promising to help traders maximize their profits, Forex 4 Less. Just like other cashback providers, this group wants traders to sign up for a broker through their services, and is offering a large cut of the commissions as incentive for them to do so. It is unknown …

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Signals Review: Risecap FX

Risecap FX is a Forex provider that provide services in cashback rebates, manage accounts and trading signals. It’s extremely rare for companies in this marketplace to offer services in more than one area of expertise, let alone three. The main concern with developers providing too many services, is that it could certainly weaken each offering, as the time is being …

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Rebate Review: Cash Back Forex

Today I’m reviewing the long-standing Forex rebate program, that gives you a little money back on every single trade that you take, Cash Back Forex. This is one of the most well-known rebate programs available, and for good reason as they promise to “beat any competitor rates.” They are currently offering discounts and cash back for 40 different brokers, with …

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Rebate Review: PaybackFX

Today I’m looking at a new rebate program brought to us by the creators of Myfxbook, PaybackFX. The purpose of this service is to give traders a break on the commission they pay the broker for each trade. Traders have to originally sign up with the broker through the Payback affiliate link, which entitles them to earn money off of …

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Rebate Review: Forex Cashback Rebate

Today I’m looking at another rebate program offering commission returns for over 35 brokers with over 30,000 live account clients, Forex Cashback Rebate. Among their offerings, they claim to have the highest cashback rate in the marketplace, a fast withdrawal system and a reliable support team that’s always available to help traders via chat or email. Originally launched in September …

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Rebate Review: Forex Cashbackcloud

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex rebate program that claims to service over 10,000 clients in over 50 different countries, Cashbackcloud. While Forex rebates are their specialty, they also offer rebates for traders that are trading binary options, e-wallet clients, and poker players looking for “rakebacks.” Considering this is a Forex website, that’s where my focus will be today, as …

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Rebate Review: Pip Rebate

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex rebate service that promises the highest rebates on most Forex brokers, Pip Rebate. They also provide daily and weekly deals on specific brokerages that are looking to acquire more clients, in return for a higher rebate. There are quite a few rebate services in the Forex marketplace, so I’ll break down the pros and …

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