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Here is our list of Forex Broker reviews. In this category, we focus on some of the lesser known platforms to give the community a well rounded view of the market. The brokers are all MT4/MT5 compatible which means that they work with the majority of the Forex robots that we review on a daily basis.


In our analysis, we are always looking at specific aspects to make sure that the broker is trustworthy and reliable.




It’s important that every broker we consider to utilize is regulated. This means that there is a governing body watching over the broker to ensure that they are not doing anything untoward. If a Forex broker isn’t regulated, then there can be issues of price manipulation, withdrawal stalling, and outright stealing. These issues aren’t prevalent in the Forex market, but make sure you don’t sign up with a broker that isn’t regulated.




We always look to see where the Forex broker is located, so we know there is actually a physical address. You don’t want to deposit funds with a broker that doesn’t even have an office, for obvious reasons.


Account Types


Know what you are signing up for. There are some brokers that are built for small clients, and others that will provide great benefits just to their large account clients. Know which you are, and understand what each Forex broker has to offer.


These are just some of the elements that we analyze. We also look at the minimum deposit, spread, leverage and much more so that you know if the broker can meet your needs. So, please look through our Forex broker reviews and find a broker today.

Broker Review: Capital88

Today I’m reviewing another Forex and CFD broker that claims to provide an intuitive platform built to help traders perfect their skills, Capital88. We’ve seen quite a few of the brokers pop up over the last few months, and most of them seem to be lacking in terms of platform stability. Hopefully, this broker does not follow that trend, and …

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Broker Review: VideForex

In this latest review, I’m analyzing a new Forex and CFD broker that offers one hour withdrawals, with over 100 assets available for trading, VideForex. This review will focus on the broker, and the emergence of CFD trading, and whether or not traders should be interested in the contract for difference market. This way of trading is becoming more popular …

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Broker Review: Forex Grand

Today I’m looking at a Forex broker that want to provide traders with a comfortable and confident environment, Forex Grand. This broker isn’t overly popular, but recently I’ve received some emails about it, so I figured it’s worth a closer look. The broker is run by Nordic Pearl LTD, and is located at Geo Milev District 43, Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., …

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Capital Trading Review: Maverick FX

Today I’m taking a look at a capital sharing program that gives traders access to over $100,000 to trade with, Maverick FX. The concept of this community is different than any other Forex product I’ve ever looked at. As is frequently the case with innovation, there are many comments on both sides of the fence. There are traders that believe …

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Broker Review: FXOro

As I go through my email this morning, there’s an email from the readers asking for a review on a Forex brokerage, FXOro. In this brokerage was established in 2012 with a few young entrepreneurs who worked in banking. They believe that their advantage over the other players in this market, is that they have extraordinary leadership and a “visionary …

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Broker Review: Fidelis Capital Markets

Today I’m taking a look at a new Forex brokerage some of the readers here have been asking about, Fidelis Capital Markets. They believe that when traders reach the top, they should keep trading. This is a very positive concept, and there are quite a few messages like these that they want to deliver to their traders. I have to …

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