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CAD Trader – Forex Expert Advisor Review

cad traderCAD Trader – Forex Expert Advisor Review

Hey guys, just stumbled on another forex trading expert advisor that I thought I would inform all of you about. This is a forex expert advisor that trades the Canadian Dollar and thus is called the CAD Trader.

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So to start, there are a few concerns with the CAD Trader right off the bat. One, I don’t know what type of professional business puts advertisements on their site, but it is not very professional at all. Two, the price for one license of this robot is quite high and thus makes it a risky investment.

Now, I will still go into the CAD Trader and look at what makes this system unique, if really unique at all. The cad trader does provide some myfxbook results which is nice to see but it is on a pretty small scale so I am unsure of how good this ea can be over a long period of time. The spread it trades is the USD and CAD.

As for the actual strategy of the CAD trader there is very little information. I will see if I can get myself a test copy of this EA so that I can add some more information about the strategy and real results to the CAD Trader review very soon. If you have any information you would like to add to the review just leave a comment below and we can have a discussion regarding this new forex trading system.

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cad trader

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