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Bulenox Review: Unpacking the Pros, Cons, and Ratings



Are you tired of sifting through a sea of trading platforms, each claiming to be the “next big thing”? If you’ve been on the hunt for a platform that aligns with your trading goals, you might have stumbled upon Bulenox. But is it worth the hype, or just another name in an already crowded market? 

Bulenox is a renowned trading firm for its funded trading accounts. From newbie traders to the veterans, people are taking great interest in Bulenox. The best part about the firm is that they are open to reeling in traders by offering special discounts. These include 90% off on evaluations, which set this firm apart from the rest. 

It is an equally accessible platform that regulates the trading markets and serves as a doorway to bring in new trading opportunities for traders. Their rules are also flexible, and everyone can follow them to skyrocket their gains as well. 

In this comprehensive review, we’ll unpack the pros, cons, and ratings of Bulenox to help you make an informed decision. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s get started on figuring out if Bulenox is the right fit for you. 

Bulenox Account Sizes?

Bulenox offers you different account sizes, and they call them programs. These account sizes range from $10K to $250K for the traders. You need to start investing from $115 every month, and the maximum amount to invest is $535 if your eyes are on bigger accounts. 

Bulenox Leverage?

The trading at Bulenox is leverage-free, and the account balance of the traders is the ultimate asset they can use for trading. In this case, the leverage will be 1:1 for the traders. The limits depend on the contracts you agree to have, and factors like profits made and account sizes also influence the trading as well. 

Bulenox Payout?

The traders will receive 100% payouts. This option is available for traders who will make profits of up to $10Kwith the company. After achieving this goal, the firm will execute the profit split of 90/10, and in this way, you will get 90% of the profits while the firm gets the rest of the 10% profits made in the end.

Bulenox Programs Goals & Account Tiers

The traders have to know that depending on their account sizes, they will receive the profit splits accordingly. However, in this case, below are some crucial rules to consider: 

The minimum trading day limit for the traders is five days.

There are no time limits for trading; instead, you can complete the challenges at a flexible pace. 

Starting CapitalProfit TargetMaximum Drawdown
$10k$1k (10%)$1k (10%)
$25k$1.5k (6%)$1,500 (6%)
$50k$3k(5%)$2,500 (5%)
$100k$6k (6%)$3k(3%)
$150k$9k (6%)$4,500 (3%)
$250k$15k (6%)$5,500 (2.2%)

How Bulenox Prop Trading Firm Works?

Bulenox follows a simple approach and curates its rules and trading environment to provide traders with the comfort of trading. All the traders need to do is register themselves on the website. Next, they will determine the account size and simply join the firm. The company will not run background checks on these traders. 

However, authorization steps will require the traders to download RI Trader Pro and the Trading Platform. After the completion of these steps, the traders can make a Bulenox account to proceed further. 

The qualification process demands a qualification account, which is a way for the traders to prove their skills. After the qualification stage, the traders can get their hands on the Master Account through which they can start making profits. 

Now it’s time to quickly take a look at Bulenox’s qualification account, which is your key to unlocking a Master account that will practically help you with making profits for yourself through trading with Bulenox in the long run. This is important to know because, without this, traders will not be able to get a hold of Bulenox to some extent. 

Account BalanceMax number of contracts
$10k5 micro

Qualification Account

Bulenox’s Qualification Account is important for all traders, which means that the traders will have guaranteed access to the trading guidelines and tools for proving themselves. They can follow their trading style to complete the qualification challenge. Joining the qualification stage is simple. 

The traders will register and make an account. After this, they will select from the account sizes and risk tolerance. 

Now, they will use their qualification account to navigate through this stage as per the rules. Once they have completed this step, they will tap into the Master Account to make bigger profits later. 

Master Account

Bulenox Master Account is crucial for the future of the traders who join this firm. They will be able to make informed decisions. The firm provides them with consistent trading support and allows in-depth supervision for the traders. You can check the trading plans of Bulenox to have a good understanding of how things work at this firm at the same time. 

  1. Initial Capital: Traders will be able to get their hands on the first payout of $10,000, and the firm will not keep any commissions for it. This will make the traders financially stable in the beginning and prepare them for better risk management at the same time.
  2. Profit Sharing: The profit split is 90% for the traders, and the company will keep the remaining 10% as their fair share of the profits. 
  3. Free Trading Terminal: Traders will get a dedicated trading terminal for easily executing their skills to make high returns. 

Is Bulenox Legit or Scam?

Bulenox has been able to appease hundreds of traders by far. The firm boasts many reviews that are proof of their authenticity in the market.

Experts consider Bulenox as an ideal to stick to for trading in a seamless manner. They provide you with a second-to-none trading experience and provide an unbeatable funded trading program as compared to other firms. 

Once in a blue moon, customers complain about the customer support lagging, but the company soon fixes it for the ease of the traders. Therefore, it is better to take a look at their reviews and have a sit-in with Bulenox to have your problems clarified in time if you wish to join them as a trader. It will better help you understand that Bulenox is not a scam at all. 


  • Outstanding Support: One of the standout features of Bulenox is its exceptional customer support. If you’re a trader who values quick and reliable assistance, you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s a technical glitch or a query about trading strategies, their team is on the ball. 


  • Technical Hiccups: While Bulenox offers attractive deals, it’s not without its drawbacks. Technical issues seem to be a recurring problem, and what’s worse, the customer service response can be frustratingly slow. For a hassle-free experience, you might be better off considering alternatives like Apex or Leeloo.


What is the max drawdown of Bulenox?

Bulenox’s accounts are flexible to trade with, but it is better to consider the drawdown as well. Also, you need to determine the capital and the risk tolerance that you can easily go with and meet your way of trading. The biggest trading account at Bulenox has a drawdown limit of $5,5000 for the $250,000 for the traders. 

What is the profit target?

For the traders, Bulenox offers a 6% profit target. However, it can vary in different circumstances. Therefore, completely learning about it from them is crucial before stepping in. 

What are max and min trading days of Bulenox?

The minimum trading day limit fixed by the company is five days, while there is no maximum trading limit for the traders. 


Bulenox is marching forward to make waves in the prop firm trading industry. Over time, it has secured a huge following base, which is helping them attract more traders to join them. Also, this post is specially dedicated to Bulenox so that you can have a general idea about their operations and collaborations with the traders easily. 

In this post, you were able to identify Buleox as a flagship prop trading firm that comes with flexible rules. Beginner traders are more likely to enjoy working at Bulenox because of their comprehensible rules. 

Due to this reason, traders are flocking up at Bulenox to not only polish their skills but also prove them as traders to later make higher returns as well. Hopefully, now you have a vivid idea that Bulenox is all safe and dependable to invest in and will be delighted with the profit you make!

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