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BTC Robot – Bit Coin Robot

btc robotBTC Robot claims to be the worlds first electronic crypto currency robot, this is not true. I have researched bit coins in the past and in that brief time I was able to find many bit coin robots.

Today I will look at this BTC robot and determine in my review whether or not this is a worthwhile purchase.

BTC Robot Review

To start as I mentioned before I am disappointed in the false claim that the BTC robot is the first ever. On the bit coin forums there are numerous free scripts and trading robots. There is a lot of suspicion in this community that this system has been derived from one of those old free scripts.

So while the website looks flashy and great I’m not 100% sure that the product provides the same reflection. This is one software that I am very suspicious of.

BTC Robot Results

On the BTC robot page they have provided us with some results. These trades were placed on the BTC-e market, which is like foreign-exchange and that you’re buying and selling you’re just buying these crypto currencies.

So let me show you a screenshot of the results they are providing.

BTC Robot Results

In the results provided by BTC robot we can see that the software focuses on buy trades and that the tests have been running since mid July. So they are still quite early in the process here, nothing is yet proven.

BTC Robot Conclusion

While the BTC robot may provide profits in the future there is no guarantee that bit coin robots are going to be successful at all. That being said I will not recommend this product at this point in time.

If you have something you would like to add to the review please leave your comments below. Always look forward to hearing from the Forex Robot Nation community, especially on new subjects like these.

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  1. Wait. And people actually think that BitCoin itself is real and legitimate? Let’s first look at BitCoin itself and how unstable and shady it truly is. We have real stories of BitCoin millionaires and people who cannot even access their accounts and BitCoin won’t help them either. And people fund their BitCoin accounts by exchanging real cash for them. And you have to do the same to trade BitCoin. Doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous to say the least?

  2. So much hype and no unbiased opinion about this product anywhere, it smells like a scam.

  3. Is anyone actually trying this?

    • I did and all I know it that the value of bitcoin went from $111 usd per coin to ~ $218 usd in just over 2 months. It’s a long term trading system without the leverage you get thru Forex. Only about 1:1 to 1:3 Now I’m just letting them appreciate a little more…

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people from Crisis Killer are behind this perhaps potential robot or scam of the year.

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