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BTC Profits Review

BTC Profits is a new free bit coin trading software. The developers of this system push it heavily with the tagline “short video reveals how to become an instant millionaire.”

In watching the video there really isn’t some millionaire revelation at all. Instead the developers of are hoping that the hype created in the video is enough to make you enter your email.

BTC Profits Review

BTC Profits Review

Sadly the BTC profits free system follows the exact same process as many binary options scams that have recently started to flood trader inboxes. Each page start with a video and an email box. After entering your email you’re immediately taken to a page that says you’ve been accepted but in all honesty everyone is accepted. Then in order to use the software you have to deposit money with a specific broker. So even though they are not making money off your sale they will be making a commission off of your deposit.

I have tested many of these systems and talked to hundreds of other traders and any system like the BTC profits has never succeeded. It is quite clear to me that this is another one of those cases and that I will not be recommending this bit coin trading software to any Forex robot nation reader.

We also have to keep my bit coin is still very unproven as a trading asset so getting involved with any bit coin software like BTC profits has obvious risks that we try to avoid.

If you have something you would like to add to my BTC profits review please leave your comments below. As always I appreciate your thoughts and opinions regarding any system in the trading market. Thanks for coming and please come by the site again to find out more information as it comes available about this free service.

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