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Brill Forex is a new Forex robot that I plan on avoiding. This seems to be the exact same developer as another Forex robot that slips my mind but they emailed me every day telling me to promote their system.

Today I provide a short review about Brill Forex and really just tell my readers to not buy it.

brill forex

Brill Forex Review

The template is the exact same as the last website they provided. It is unprofessional and at times unsettling. This new website the header even has looks to be copyright infringement of the complete currency trader. I would suggest that they take a look at that and handle it immediately.

The brutal Forex website consists of a couple of trading statements and a bunch of badly crafted testimonials. While the statements look impressive they all seem to trade short periods of time with different brokers. It is very confusing to determine whether or not this system is good or how this system even trades.

Another one of the unsettling factors on this website is a quote right under their results that says we are not misleading you. This type of quote scares me because professional products don’t have to tell you that they are lying to you and the ones that do don’t tell you either.

Brill Forex Conclusion

It is very simple, I do not and will not recommend Brill Forex. I don’t know what a Brill is and I really have no goal of finding that out. If there’s something you would like to add to the real Forex review please leave your comments below.

I appreciate you spending some time on Forex robot nation today and hope that you come back soon.

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