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Brick Charts Advanced – Forex Charting Secret

brick charts advancedLooks like Netpicks is coming out with Brick Charts Advanced a free cutting edge charting plugin for MetaTrader. If you want to get a copy of this for free all you have to do is enter your email or connect with facebook.

Tagline: The Ancient Japanese Brick Charts Advanced charting secret that elite traders have been using undercover for years.

What Netpicks has done is they have taken the ancient and prolific Japanese methodology and turned it into what is called the Brick Charts Advanced charting secret. Now you can copy their success thanks to programming experts.

They claim this strategy has been in use for some years and takes the majority of the Forex markets winnings. Let’s go over what this plugin can do for your to help advance your trading techniques.

Brick Charts Advanced Details

  • When the market slows down the plugin makes quick sharp moves that lead to profitable trades.
  • There is a connection to news that responds very quickly to what is happening globally.
  • Erases bad market conditions and price action to ensure that all you have is stress free trading.
Seems simple enough and it’s free so I have no problems with this.

Brick Charts Advanced Conclusion

It’s free, it sounds good, might as well download it and test it out. I recommend that you go check it out. Just as long as you come back to this review and tell us all about your experiences. I may test it out of it I get some time but I hope some of the FRN users can let me know if this is worth my time or not first.
Please leave all your comments below.

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  1. I’ve watched the video that comes with the download. Doesn’t seem like the guy who is doing the video has had much practice with MT4, doesn’t even know where his Alpari folder is located to add the EA. Realizes later that he can’t scroll back in time cos the autoscroll is on. I dunno, sounds fishy but hopefully the EA is not as fishy as this dude sounds.

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