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Black Edge FX

black-edge-fxBlack edge FX is a new Forex product that’s providing a two-week trial for $1 and then it’s $127 a month after that. The developer of the product is named Josh Taylor and he believes that his essential Forex system can be used to attain insane results.

Today I’ll take a closer look at Josh’s trading history and what this product has to offer in my latest Forex review.

Black Edge FX Review

Josh Taylor, the developer of black edge effects owns the trade advisor Pro website. This website contains a handful of trading articles, videos and a few products as well. The website doesn’t seem to be too active anymore these days as his latest post came in the beginning of January so maybe he’s been focused on putting out this product. The edge website consists of a video and a buy now page so there is really not a lot of information on the product.

In the video Josh tells us that it we’ve been following for the past few years we know that he’s been in the forefront of cutting-edge when it comes to Forex trading. I have not been following them for the past few years so I can’t confirm that this is true. In his defense, I will say it least he does have some sort of the website online outside of just this product because most product developers in this market, with a pen name and you can never find anything about that person online.

The video really doesn’t go into too much detail about black edge FX trading so I’m not going to give a full conclusion today. Instead I plan on adding to this review as soon as I get more information from other traders. If you think that you can help please leave some comments below telling me about your experiences with the software. Without help me and the rest of the Forex robot nation community make the right decision when dealing with this product. Thanks for reading the review and if you ever need any help click contact the top of the page and send me a personal email.

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