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Black Diamond Trader 2

black-diamond-trader-2Black diamond trader 2 is a new trading system that works with Forex, futures, stocks and binary options. The developers of the software claim that it works on any symbol and any time frame and will work with the meta-trader 4 and trade station platforms. The software looks to be all-encompassing so hopefully they haven’t tried to reach too far and missed some of the important elements in the process.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand of this software has enough potential for us to trust.

Black Diamond Trader 2 Review

The developers of the black diamond trader 2 claim that their software can be traded either manually or automatically with a plug-in that they provide. The software is built to work on any time frame, any pair and during any market conditions. In my history, this is a very dangerous proposition. I’m sure if you read the reviews on Forex robot nation before you’ve heard me discuss the issues with trade all systems. This is a nickname I give for systems that tell us that they can do it all. The problem with this type of approach is that in throwing such a wide net it’s very difficult to analyze and pick out the best opportunities to trade. Considering how different each pair and timeframe reacts with each other it’s very difficult for me to believe that this strategy will be able to bring profit in every single trading condition. I prefer developers that do the strategic work for us because that’s the most important part.

At under $100 the black diamond trader 2 software surely seems like a bargain, but without a specified strategy I wouldn’t recommend this to any new traders. The program comes with the expert advisor, the indicators, instruction manuals and over 120 minutes in detail training videos. There is certainly a lot of content here to cover and that’s another reason why feel like this is more for advanced traders or people with the patients to take on a larger project.

At this point in time I won’t be recommending the black diamond trader 2 to the majority of my readers because I feel like it is too much of an undertaking. I emailed the developers to see if they could help me understand the strategy a little better because if they had a specific way of trading one or two currencies then I would be much more interested in the product. Please let me know what you think about the system and if you think I should give it another shot. I appreciate the input from the Forex robot nation community and hope that you spend more time on this website learning what works for me and the rest of the readers here.

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