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Bitcoin Millionaire Review

bitcoin millionaire reviewBitcoin millionaire is is a new seven dollar product that earn developer Jason Lee Ducker over $1.3 million from the comfort of his wheelchair. Jason believes that the world economy is in a state of disaster and that people should turn to Bitcoin for income.

Today I will provide a review and let you know whether or not Bitcoin is worth your time and money.

Bitcoin Millionaire Review

Ducker claims that it Bitcoin millionaire earned him profits of nearly $23,000 a day and that the software runs automatically without interference. Outside of that there is very little information about the software at all. The only thing we do know is that Jason apparently consulted some Russian developers and they help them produce the system.

Moving forward the talks about the price of the system and how for a limited time only and for the first hundred members it will cost seven dollars. As for some sort of the strategy behind the system, there is no such thing on this page.

At this point in time I believe it is too early to get into these Bitcoin software’s. I have a friend who is an expert when it comes to Bitcoins in light coins and I had a long conversation with him and he told me that most of these scripts and systems coming out have been available for a long time for free. He also says that the reason most of these are free is because they are not producing any profits.

Bitcoin Millionaire Conclusion

With all that said there is no way that I can recommend that you purchase the Bitcoin millionaire. I think that we are just too far away from real profit in this market. There is not enough understanding and not enough real developed strategies for us to hang our hats on.

If you have something you would like to add to this Bitcoin millionaire’s review I would appreciate it if you left a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you come again soon.

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  1. I thought for $7. i would give it a try. I knew that these cheap or ‘free’ systems are all scams but with Clicksure I could receive my refund.

    Turns out that the requirement is to open an account with SPOT FN , a binary options broker who does not even offer Bitcoins in their asset index. ANOTHER SCAM!

    I have activated my refund request.

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