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Binary Wealth Bot Reviews

The latest binary options software and training is starting to generate a lot of interest, Binary Wealth Bot.

So what is this new product? Well, as I get on the page I see that the only information for pending customers is a video. Now this certainly makes it difficult to gauge the probability of success with the Binary Wealth Bot. The video seems to just be a blinking image and an audio file combined.

What I do know is that the software and training costs $77, with upsells of $197 and $77 for additional services. This is a pro version of the software and a manual strategy. This all is being sold on the click bank payment processor.

binary wealth bot

Binary Wealth Bot Video Review

Well there isn’t much to say because there isn’t much to see but please check out the short video anyways.

So it is quite clear in the video that I am not overly impressed with this new binary options trading software and training. I tend to really dislike pages that have no results or any text at all and this product does exactly that. They expect us to see nothing but a poorly produced video and then purchase their software.

I will be blunt, until I see more or hear more I am not interested.

If the developers want to come in here and leave a comment, maybe give the Forex Robot Nation members some perspective on the strategy I more than welcome them to do so.

If you have anything to add about this new binary options product then leave your comment below.


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  1. Clickbank will give a refund within 60 days of purchase…No questions asked! Always purchase through them when possible.

  2. I share the Charles point of view. I did the same experience… no answer to the emails and mainly I’ve etsted it with really bad results. Thank you Suzanne for your advice I will follow it.
    Do you know a real efficient software to trade binary option ?
    Thank you
    Good trading

  3. Hi Charles,

    You do not need to go through the seller for a refund as it appears this is being sold through clickbank. You should have received a purchase email from them following your purchase with a unique code. All you need to do is go to their home page and click on order help and follow the instructions. You have 60 days from time of purchase to get the refund.

  4. I recently purchased one of these call Binary Wealth Bot. I would recommend against purchasing it. First, this is not technically a robot, as it does not trade automatically. You must watch for alerts and then place the trade within the last 10 minutes before the option expires. If you are familiar with binary options, you will see that there is an obvious problem with that. Second, they recommend using only their recommended broker, which may be one way that they generate revenue, and with my current broker, only three of the six currency pairs that the system trades are available. Third, I could not get an answer to the question of how their system handles strike prices, which is very important. They never responded to that question. But the final warning is that I have now twice asked for my money back, and have received no response. I would recommend that you stay away from this offer.

  5. I just checked out their website afetr receiving an email. There’s quite a bit more info there and the video isn’t just an audio track. Have you had a chance to take another peek? If so, what do you think?

  6. I am interested in hearing what you say about Option Bot or Auto Binary Bot. You mentioned you are developing a binary bot. I will wait to see what you have available before doing anything in this arena.

    Also, do you have any info on Hedge trading by Kevin McAvoy?

    • Hey Rick.

      Haven’t had any success with any of these systems I am afraid. I am hoping to make something available for our readers soon.

      As for Kevin, haven’t heard of him what so ever. E-mail me a link I can check it out.

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