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Binary Trading Robot

binary trading robot

Well it looks like I have a new binary options software to review today, this one is called Binary Trading Robot by Jerry Biener.

Jerry claims that using his software is like winning the lottery except the odds are stacked in your favor. That sounds like wishful thinking so let me get into the details of this binary options robot. The software costs $47 and the way it is used does sound different than some of the other binary options systems currently on the market.

The Binary Trading Robot is all web-based, so traders log into the members area, enter their trading account information, select their risk and the software automatically trades. One thing that would make me a little nervous here is that I don’t like giving away my trading account information. Personally I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable doing this.

For more information on software like this see the full rankings at our binary options lab.

Binary Trading Robot Video

I just decided to do a video on this new software so you can check that out here:

Let me go ahead though in take a look at some of the results being provided by Jerry that have supposedly been achieved using the Binary Trading Robot.

binary trading robot proofs
Here we can see a couple examples of trading account screenshots.


binary trading results
This illustration shows one day of trading.

The results being provided here don’t exactly give me a lot of confidence in this options software. I would almost rather see no results then seeing a couple of screenshots because to me it just makes it seem gimmicky. I will obviously try and add more results to this review and I hope that the Forex robot nation users will comment if they have results to offer.

Binary Trading Robot Conclusion

At this point in time I do not recommend the Binary Trading Robot. I think there is certainly potential in the way the system provides trades but I just don’t feel comfortable providing anyone with my account details. This is really my main concern and the one thing that would keep me from purchasing the software.

If you have something you would like to add I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this new binary trading software.

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  1. He’ll take your money. You get nothing of use in return.
    All support request emails are blocked as scam. Brick wall.
    All I want is my money back … yeah ! I know, I’m dreaming………

  2. Can you please share the link to the website?

  3. forexrobotnation

    Interested to see what people think.

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