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Binary Options Bullet

At last, the wait is over, I promised weeks ago that I have been testing a successful system and today it is released, Binary Options Bullet.

As many know I have been involved in quite a few tests and today I am EXTREMELY happy to announce the launch of the one system that I have been using successfully. This is a binary options alert software that provides signals via MT4. Let me give you some quick details!

  • Signals for GOLD, EURJPY, USDJPY
  • Boasts a 70-95% accuracy rate per signal.
  • Easy Installation & Free Updates
  • Signals for Hourly and Daily Options

I have been nothing but impressed every step of the way learning from the Binary Options Bullet team.

Binary Options Bullet Video

official-logoDuring my time testing I decided to come up with a video that demonstrates the product and it’s usage sufficiently. Check out this short video to get a better understanding of the software and how it can provide you with winning signals.

With very strict entry rules you can usually expect 1-2 signals a day from each pair or commodity.

At this point I am looking for some sort of way to share my day to day results with binary options systems but there aren’t any sort of statement sharing web sites available for this type of trading. I plan on providing something though so you can see how I am doing and so I can see how you’re doing as well.

So look forward to this in the future.

Binary Options Bullet Conclusion

With laser accurate alerts the Binary Options Bullet is the first options software that I can rely on. The installation is simple, the support team is excellent and the product is top of the line.

I think that this is a GOOD STEP for binary options products in general and I hope that the market follow in this direction with this type of elevated professionalism.

That’s it guys, have a good day and join them today!

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. How relevant are the bullets of today?

  2. Recently bought and installed BOB. I’m using it on Oanda’s implementation of MT4 and it does not show gold (XAU/USD). I’ve clicked “Show all” and not finding it. Am I missing something?

  3. Not using this as much as I used to but still provides me with some of the most secure trades I’ve ever seen. It’s cheap, doesn’t provide a lot of signals but packs a punch with an extremely high winning percentage.

  4. How is the performance of BOB recently? TY

  5. I think the customer service at Binary Options Bullet has given up on me. I have a gmail account and signals are not being emailed to me. I followed the directions to the letter, and customer service at Binary Options Bullet has told me that even they are stumped as to why I am not receiving email signals. Please, if anyone reading this here at Forex Robot Nation has any pointers please respond to me. BTW, is there a forum anywhere that Binary Options Bullet users congregate and talk?

    • They certainly never give up on anyone.

      The email alerts are quite straight forward. if it doesn’t work it is either not being set up right or there is something on that person’s computer blocking outgoing email.

      I would suggest a new solution for you that Bullet has started to mention to some of their clients.

      “Sign up for a free email account with GMX at

      Open up your MT4 -> Tools -> Options -> Email. At the screen, tick Enable then use the following info for the rest.

      SMTP Server:

      SMTP Login :

      SMTP Passsword: your gmx email password


      To: email address you want the message to go to (should be the email you frequent)

      RESTART your MT4 program for the changes to take effect.”

      • I set it up and received the test message from MT4. Thank you so much! I wish I had posted here at Forex Robot Nation and asked for advice sooner.

      • A signal came through on my desktop but it did not come through to my email. Must be something with my computer that is causing me to not be able to use the email service.

      • Hi again! Never worked for me with Binary Options Bullet. I purchased a different binary options tool which came highly recommended by a friend I trust, and I am receiving email alerts from it, so I do believe it was a BOB thing and not an MT4 or a my computer thing. What to do, you know? Smile and move on!

        • hi CSsunshine, do you mind to let me know the different binary options tool which came highly recommended by your friend. appreciate mate .

    • Why not just change your email provider??

  6. Hi , Is there any one who have the same problem with withdrawing money from Citrades? Even my account manager do not reply my e-mails.

  7. Oanda has Gold … XAUUSD

  8. I have a question that I have not seen asked. Can anyone tell me for any (or all for that matter) assets what is the largest consecutive loss number? Considering that this may be a candidate for martingale on the next signal and with that only on the next signal of the pair that lost, knowing how many consecutive losses have been seen per pair over months of testing would be key to understand.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Most I’ve ever encountered is 5 straight.

      • That kinda takes my Martingale strat out of the picture, but I have to ask. was that 5 straight on 1 Asset or 5 straight on the set of 3?
        My thinking would be to martingale the next signal on the same pair vs the next signal period.

        • There are two places a martingale system will take you: nut house and poor house, and not necessarily in that order.

  9. Hi All, I plan to purchase the BOB, does it still produce good winning so far?

  10. Hi All, plan to purchase the BOB. Is the signal still doing good win so far?

  11. forexbotnation, thanks for reply. So only 12 siganls last month? If I have let’s say limited funds 5k what i can invest, what is better forex steam or
    BOB (I had no knowledge at all about forex) I know only binary options. What would you suggest!? I want to start with forex but I need help then 🙁 Thank you.!!

  12. Hello. Any updates with BOB performance? Can some who uses it for month can say how much total trades had and how much of them loosed. Thanks.

  13. I just purchased this product. I was given version 2.0. I am seeing discussions of version 2.1. Do I need to inquire with support about this?

    How are the results this far? I am using demo and RB Options as a broker. Will go live in a few days. Any feedback is appreciated.

  14. I ask u question I am Celestine lot of people love it and earn profit 90 percent . That is great,,,, one thing is what lists broker can accept binary option bullet program? I need your advise thank

  15. Still having problems with it Tim? You should be able to copy and paste the files required.

    • Hi yes still have not been able to get the BOB up and running. Have downloaded all parts for the mac and meta trader4 wine etc as stated on video, but when i try the BOB files come across as Binary Options Bullet V2.2.ex4, FFCal.ex4, FFCal.mq4, MT4EmailLibrary.MSI, this what i have Don tried to contect to ,y computer and he did found the mata trader4 but could not see the files frm BOB, but I have downloaded them about twenty times now, they are just not for MACs, they appear empty! so my computer says
      They are also appear with the form of a Brown square Box with EXEC on the left side of the box!! so i am know further forward a little tired now, not sure what to do… Don dont seems to know either!! any ideas?? should i try a remote vps service I have know idea how they work!! but would need one if i purchased the FX steam as mentioned before, I have know idea how they work. So thats where I am have bought the steam yet either as i cannot make any progress with BOB. May look in apple apps for these types of files then have to buy that and try. Don thinks I have not bothered to download the files!! well there we are thanks for your advice regarding this and the poss PVS for steam.

  16. It looks like BOB does not give/produce any signals for the last 2 months. It has stopped producing signals for EURJPY & USDJPY for a long time (at least 2 months). It then only produced signals for Gold but most signals were not good. And now I cannot locate XAUUSD from broker MT4 (Alpari), even with other brokers. Is BOB still working?? Please advise


    Hi, there is a new binary option software out that is automated and has a good success rate.

    • There will be no such thing as a profitable automated binary system until there are independent binary trading platforms. Any automated system is guaranteed to lose because they have to work in conjunction with the broker’s platform.

    • Can you pls share the name of the software and win/loss ratio

  18. Still going strong!

  19. hi i will like to know if binary options bullet only work with the recommended broker in the binary options bullet video?

  20. Haven’t posted here in a while. I just wanted to say that I am still actively finding success with Binary Options Bullet and that this binary options system shouldn’t be slept on.

    After 6 months there is still no other binary software that compares. I expect only more good things to come in the future. Keep up the good work!

  21. Has anyone had any luck receiving alerts for USD/JPY or EUR/JPY? I’ve never received an alert for EUR/JPY and haven’t received a USD/JPY alert since last wednesday. Is this similar to what everyone else is experiencing?

  22. In general since Sunday (4 days ago) night when I installed, I’ve only received signals from like 8pm to 8:30. Not one single signal during the say. I am on the US East coast. Does this have to do with the JPY being on the other side of the world? Is anyone else getting signals during the day? I know it has been a rough week, but….

    • I meant 8pm to 8:30am… i.e., during the sleeping hours.

      • When the pc or laptop is on 24/7, you will get signals during the day. Mostly the gold signals come 06.00-12.00hours Amsterdam time. The average winning signals is 59,4% since october 1st. That means if you have a broker with 80% payouts, you will be making profits. I stand on 260 euro profit since oct. 1st. with papertrading. It had 29 signals total. 6 of them where usd/jpy and 1 eur/jpy signal, the rest is gold signals.

        • This is what I got from the company. These are the default times (GMT) that the software is running when time filter is set to true. They do not recommend that it be set to false. These times will be more favorable to you in that case.

          Gold 04:00 to 11:00 and 22:00 to 00:00
          USD/JPY 03:00 to 04:00 and 21:00 to 01:00
          EUR/JPY 21:00 to 01:00 and 16:00 to 19:00

  23. Anyone having success with the email feature? I’m assuming the username and password is the username and password that you have with their website. But the directions say to put my email in the username box. This doesn’t seem right to me, but I tried my actual user name and when I got the alerts they were not forwarded.

    • I got it working. The guidance from their support team is that passwords for the email account being used can only have lower-case letters with no non-alphanumeric characters. Once I did that it worked fine.

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong I just purchase this and currently testing in demo; What I observe for hourly signal it predicts consecutive bear or bull. Example, If the closing candle is bear the signal for the next hour will be PUT but if it goes to the opposite side I am expecting that the next will signal will be CALL.

    i want to know how others are doing? i have the time filter turn off, I know I follow the signal as instructed. Please provide your honest opinion.

  25. Oktober signals
    Binary Options Bullet

    07-10 Gold hourly call 83% 06.00 WIN

    07-10 Gold hourly put 82% 09.00 WIN

    08-10 Gold daily call 83% 00.00 LOSS

    08-10 Gold hourly call 83% 08.00 WIN

    08-10 Gold hourly put 78% 11.00 LOSS

    09-10 Gold daily put 82% 00.00 WIN

    10-10 Gold hourly call 86% 08.00 LOSS

    10-10 Gold houry put 82% 10.00 WIN

    10-10 usd/jpy daily call 86% 23.00 WIN

    10-10 eur/jpy daily call 86% 23.00 WIN

    11-10 gold hourly call 84% 06.00 WIN

    11-10 gold hourly put 78% 09.00 LOSS

    11-10 gold hourly call 83% 10.00 LOSS

    11-10 gold hourly put 77% 11.00 LOSS

    14-10 gold hourly call 85% 01.00 LOSS (not countable, market not open)

    14-10 gold hourly call 85% 08.00 WIN

    15-10 usd/jpy hourly put 81% 04.59 WIN

    16-10 gold hourly put 80% 11.00 LOSS

    16-10 gold hourly call 83% 12.00 WIN

    17-10 gold hourly call 92% 10.00 LOSS

    57,9% correct signals

  26. 07-10 Gold hourly call 83% 06.00 WIN

    07-10 Gold hourly put 82% 09.00 WIN

    08-10 Gold hourly call 83% 08.00 WIN

    09-10 Gold daily put 82% 00.00 WIN

    10-10 Gold hourly call 86% 08.00 LOSS

    10-10 Gold houry put 82% 10.00 WIN

    10-10 usd/jpy daily call 86% 23.00 WIN

    10-10 eur/jpy daily call 86% 23.00 WIN

    11-10 gold hourly call 84% 06.00 WIN

  27. Amsterdam time, Binary Options Bullet signals

    All settings on TRUE. Charts on H1. Expert Advisors

    I trade the ‘full hour’: example signal 10.00put=11.00expiry
    Daily’s expiry at 17.10hours.

    My laptops are ON 24/7.

    Please verify the signals, and tell me if they are


    Gold daily put 80% 00.00 (Sunday evening, can’t trade)

    Gold hourly call 85% 10.00 WIN

    Gold hourly put 76% 12.00 LOSS

    USD/JPY daily put 81% 23.00 LOSS


    USD/JPY hourly call 84% 05.00 WIN (barely)

    Gold hourly put 79% 09.00 WIN


    Gold hourly put 81% 10.00 WIN (barely)


    Gold hourly call 83% 07.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 81% 09.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly call 89% 10.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 81% 12.00 LOSS

    USD/JPY daily call 83% 23.00 LOSS


    USD/JPY hourly put 76% 05.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 83 % 06.00 WIN

    Gold hourly put 81% 09.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly call 87% 10.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 79% 11.00 LOSS

  28. Amsterdam time, Binary Options Bullet signals

    All settings on TRUE. Charts on H1. Expert Advisors

    I trade the ‘full hour’: example signal 10.00put=11.00expiry


    Gold daily put 80% 00.00 (Sunday evening, can’t trade)

    Gold hourly call 85% 10.00 WIN

    Gold hourly put 76% 12.00 LOSS

    USD/JPY daily put 81% 23.00 LOSS


    USD/JPY hourly call 84% 05.00 WIN (barely)

    Gold hourly put 79% 09.00 WIN


    Gold hourly put 81% 10.00 WIN (barely)


    Gold hourly call 83% 07.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 81% 09.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly call 89% 10.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 81% 12.00 LOSS

    USD/JPY daily call 83% 23.00 LOSS


    USD/JPY hourly put 76% 05.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 83 % 06.00 WIN

    Gold hourly put 81% 09.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly call 87% 10.00 LOSS

    Gold hourly put 79% 11.00 LOSS

  29. Hi traders,

    It’s been a while, BUT…

    I just bought the 2.2 version. Installed it, and recieved the first gold signal in the email inbox 🙂

    I’ll do some papertrading the next couple of days to see how it goes.
    As I do have a job, i’ll try to ‘keep up’ and keep score of things.

    are other platforms capable of trading gold for the next day? I only
    seem to go to 13/9 and that’s three days. Daily signals need to be for
    tomorrow right?


  30. Is there anyone living in the UK who uses the email alert aspect of this software to send trades to their gmail account? If so, could you please help as I am not receiving any email alerts what so ever!!

  31. Hi,

    This is just to let you know that I have requested a refund of this product. After a week of going round in circles, the software is just not sending any alerts to my gmail account. I have asked the vendor for assistance on numerous occasions and all i get is advice which might was well be written in code.

    Is anyone using this product, who is based in the UK and is receving email alerts via gmail?

  32. Just purchased BOB this week and won two trades so far. After tax the cost came to $73.60 but I believe it will be worth it.

  33. Is everyone still having good fortune with this? I see most of the comments are from 4-6 months ago.

    • Hi Matt, the binary options bullet software is still trading very well. I had a reader of FRN email me yesterday and tell me how he turned $300 to $900 in the last two weeks.

      • That’s me. I used it for less than 2 weeks, Traded $25 – $50 per trade. Deposited $300 & now it $900+. But signals for Gold is not quite reliable.

        • Thanks for the credibility boost Daniel, appreciate your input.

        • Hi Daniel,

          Do mind sharing the settings you used? Was news filter on or off? You seemed to have gotten quite a number of signals for a 2 week period. Do update us of your current results after a few months of using it.


          • Sorry for late reply. It was working fine d 1st 2 months, it gave high winning signals for all 3 assets. After that, it only gave signals for Gold & most were losing trades. I hv to wait long time in front of PC for signals. Mostly ended up no signals or losing trades. Eventually gave up. Problem also with Brokers (Opteck & NRG). When come to withdrawal, they will not answer your mails, especially Opteck. You hv to literally beg them to withdraw your money, It took me more than 2 months to get my $$. Watch out!

  34. These are expiry times. There are two types of signals from bullet short term(15 minute, 30 minute 1 hour expiry) and long term(daily expiry). Every broker shows a different time. Most are close to GMT.

    • That was my questions too. I am very confused with expiration I need to set with my binary option broker. What is the expiration should we set with the broker for “daily” and “hourly” signals?

  35. Altogether, all assets, how many signals does BOBullet make every 24 hours, on average ?

  36. Wouldn’t it be great if the Bullet team Automated the signals using API or whatever technology some of these other “sorry” vendors are using? Could you look into this on our behalf Admin; at least as an option?

    I believe this is the next step for Binary Options Bullet as I just can’t catch all/enough signals to see any real value. Even if they have to require us and/or new members to open an account through their affiliate link so they can get commissions. They deserve it considering the accuracy of the signals and price of the service.


    • Absolutely agree, my only concern about these signals that there might be several of them which I might miss as not all of us could sit in front of the computer and make trades all day long – I know that these signals could be received via email but it is not an option for everyone.

      N.L. is right, a fully automated system for Binary Bullet would be most welcome 🙂

  37. There just wasn’t a signal. The system is quality signal based, 1-3 signals per day. If you want more turn off the time_filter but without the time filter it can be more erratic.

  38. Hi, have purchased Binary Options Bullets for about 4 days, but what i got was Gold signals at every hour + one time USDJPY. Right now among 6 signals, 5 were losing trades (including the only one USDJPY). However, the signal accuracy display for Gold went from 81% to 88% after 3 straight losses?? is there anything i did wrong? or should i set expiry to 30mins instead of 1hr ? I just read the forum and noticed some of the members have encountered similar prob, can any expert help us?

  39. Does this work on any broker?

  40. Hi Jon, BinaryBob and FXKing

    Are you guys still using this indicator and what win ratio are you currently experiencing and how many trades have you done?

    Thanks in advance

    • Rauties, still going very well. I had a really slow week last week, not a lot of signals. I am hoping they add some more pairs soon because I am very happy with my trades but I want more of them. My ratio is 72% this month on about 14 trades,

      • Hi BinaryBob

        Thanks for your feedback as well. After your replies I am seriously thinking of getting this. Good luck with your trading as well

    • Hi Rauties,

      I am currently doing 77% with bullet. A bit of a hot streak, I’ve traded 10 signals this month because I’ve been a little busy.

      Hope to trade more in the summer months when things calm down for me.

      • Great to hear this.

        I haven’t been using it much lately, too many reviews here with Forex Robot Nation. I’ll have to jump on a few more signals, thanks for the update.

      • Hi FXKing

        Thanks for the feedback, really happy to hear this. All the best with your trading

  41. disqus_RspvkK2ojN

    I hope this comment gets printed.

    After owning/running this for almost 2 months, I can say that I am not in love with Bullet at all. Here’s what I have observed over that time:

    – there is a very, very small number of people on this forum who love this product and say that it works great and a very large number of people who say they are not getting the same results, who are getting almost no signals, who’s results are down right terrible or just can’t get it to run properly. I am part of this second group.

    – “BinaryOptionsThatSuck” (a SUPERB site) has nothing good to say about Binary Bob and call him nothing more than a salesman working for Bullet

    – Forum members at BinaryOptionsThatSuck do NOT get the great results reported here by the few who like Bullet

    – Bullet website says there should be 1-3 signals PER ASSET PER DAY but it is nothing like that and almost all of the signals are for gold.

    – The Daily signals are terrible

    – The Hourly signals are better than Daily but are still hit and miss

    – This site (ForexRobotNation) is not an impartial observer and reviewer of this product; I very strongly believe that they, at the very least, have a serious financial interest in this product but would not be surprised if they were the actual developers of Bullet.

    These are my thoughts based on using the product for near two months.


  42. Hey Jon please keep us updated. Really looking forward. Best of luck

  43. Hi, I am going to start testing this Bullet next week.
    1-3 signals per day?
    Is that for all both pairs and the gold in total?

    How many % of your capital do you risk on each trade?

  44. With the new updates, I was wondering how many signals on average does the system send per day? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • forexrobotnation

      1-3 per day. Not too many but I like the signals they give. They say they plan on adding more pairs,

  45. Hello , when will you be posting result/video using binary options bullet?

  46. Can you use this with 24option?

  47. Hi guys, I purchased yesterday and got 2 signals this morning for USDJPY , which both lost. I ‘m in the GMT+2 timezone and have an account with GOptions, which use GMT. So once I received the signal, I placed my bet accordingly, choosing expiry time of an hour. It did however disable the time filter. Is anyone out there trading signals with the time filter disabled? I have subsequently enabled the time filter again. Also, is there anyway the Binary Option Bullet guys can include a “strike price” in the signal alert, eg, “Binary Options Bullet USDJPY, H1: Alert: USDJPY Daily Signal: BUY CALL @ or below 101.880”. This will allow us to trade the signal anytime within that hour of receiving the signal as long as we can see that its still viable.


  48. I can’t find my question/comment. Did you remove it? Also, no answer to my question.

  49. I just got it this morning and all I get is Gold signals that I think it is better to take opposite way than the signals. 2 trades – lost.(paper trades)The other 2 pairs are not giving signals at all. I changed Time Filter to false on all of them. DLL on on all. Set it up on Alpari. Do you have to sit by the computer all day to catch signals? What is your advice on that? I am on US time.

  50. hi forexrobotnation, planning to make a new video on you using binary options bullet on your live account?

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