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Binary IQ, a binary options strategy that offers dominant trading signals. This service uses a unique trend-following strategy based on the technical analysis of market prices.

With early access to the system we’ve been able to get the inside scoop, and the results are in.

This is the best binary options service we’ve ever tested, and it’s now #1 ranked in the Binary Options Lab.

Get BIQ, and dominate.


Binary IQ Review

BIQ Signals go directly to your computer, e-mail or mobile device with exact instructions. You are told when to enter the trade, the asset to trade and the expiry time to set.

There’s a lot to like about the Binary IQ service. The trade analysis, live results, support staff, and straight forward approach to binary options signals is unmatched in the market. They provide a low risk filter, a news filter and even allow traders to customize the look of the system on the chart.

This tool comes with everything a binary options trader needs to succeed. Let’s go through some of the specifics:

  • Type: Binary signal system
  • Price: $159 (after coupon – found below)
  • Strategy: Trend-following
  • Signals: 14+ (more if you use more assets)
  • Pairs/Assets: Works on ALL pairs/assets
  • Skill Level: No required client skill level

Strategy Discussion

While most systems make promises and guarantees, the Binary IQ is more focused on real evidence and market analysis. These strategic foundations are what led the creators to a unique trend-following formula that works for both 30 minute and 5 minute expiry times.

Back-testing data analysis

The service waits for trends to properly establish themselves and then jump in at the right time. The method is simple, but the strategy contains many intricate details to ensure that the entry point is always very stable.

This means, the signals will be provided in more trending conditions and look to avoid ranging markets.

How The Signals Work?

Unlike most binary options systems, the Binary IQ utilizes MetaTrader4 for market analysis and can provide trades directly to your PC, E-mail and Mobile device.

Example trade:

BIQ PUT Trade EURUSD 30M Expiry

Upon receiving this trade, you will open your broker, and set a PUT trade on the EURUSD pair with a 30 minute expiry. It’s that straightforward.

Advanced Testing and Live Results

Where the Binary IQ system really sets itself apart from other signal providers is in the fields of testing and analysis. The creators take advantage of back-testing, forward testing and live trading to make sure the signals worked in the past, work today, and will work in the future.

In this image you can see that the BIQ development team is analyzing the performance of their signals every single month. They use backtesting data to extrapolate and understand exactly how the signals have performed during specific times of the year over the past 10 years.

With the type of success rate we are seeing with the IQ signals, we can expect a rate of return around 30-50% per month.

Of course, the charts are all interactive on the site, so you can check them out personally, as opposed to us flooding this review with screen shots.

The most important aspect to us here at Forex Robot Nation are the Live Trading Results, and these are in line with all the other tests provided, which is exactly what we want to see.

The results are updated daily, and unlike other binary options products you can verify each and every trade because the entry price and expiry price are included.


The Binary IQ signal service is the #1 Binary Options Tool for 2017.

BIQ has earned the Forex Robot Nation seal approval as a worthwhile investment opportunity, and the first 5 star review we have given out in a LONG TIME.

Along with our early access, we’ve been granted exclusive access to a 15% discount for all the FRN readers. I recommend that you take advantage of this offer today.

15% Coupon: BINA-86QY-IQ

Download Binary IQ Now

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Binary Options Lab still shows this as a recommended product. The website / your link doesn’t even work anymore.

  2. Hi Admin

    I see that people stop comment in end of August 2017 about Binary IQ.

    Please help me to find #1 Binary Options Tool for 2018 or one binary tool that still performing well

  3. I’ve won 21 straight IQ signals, beautiful.

  4. Do you suggest me Binary Today Trader or do you think Binary IQ is better?

  5. Excellent product.

    See for yourself.

  6. I’m having trouble buying the software, what should I do?
    Can anyone help?

  7. I’m very impressed with IQ. This is a strong strategy, and useful binary options software.


  8. Hi Team,

    I want to congratulate you on a fantastic site that helps so many traders. I have traded EA’s for a number of years and the information you provide is absolutely invaluable.

    I have been looking in to your review on Binary IQ and I have a couple of questions regarding your experiences with the product.

    A lot of the signals seem to be on a 5m expiry, by the time the signal comes through, considering you may not be sitting in front of your PC all the time, does that give you enough time to open your trade at the right level to end up on the right side of the trade? Also, I am in Australia, are there enough signals through the Asian and first half of London session to make it worth while? Finally, I have read elsewhere very poor reviews about the creators of Binary IQ and the product itself, and yet your readers seem to have nothing but positive things to say so far. Any comments about that?

    Thank you so much for the great reviews and fantastic work you all do. 🙂

    Kindest Regards

    • Hi Roland, thank you for the kind words! I find there is enough time for me to walk over to the computer and place the trade. There are enough signals in all sessions, but like any other strategy, if the markets aren’t in line with the method, there will be times of low frequency in any session.

  9. Hi again , it’s better trade with “Eur/UsdPro”or “Eur/Usd”?

  10. Hi, I want to know if I turn the system on LowRisk, better for more ITM?


  11. Just had my first day with binary IQ, and I won every single one of my trades!

  12. Signed up three weeks ago.

    Seeing nothing but impressive returns so far.

    Normally not someone who likes anything outside of Forex either, but I figured why not.


  13. Good software I get sometimes some loss in a raw but I mean in profit in fine.

  14. Bought this piece of software,
    I only get a max of 5signals a day, and they are difficult to follow, you need to be in front of your computer.
    Signals are good, is there a way to use an autocliker or something else like that?

    • Hi Jojo, how many charts are you running? I have over 30 open with IQ. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer, just turn your speakers on, the bell will ring when a signal comes.

    • Yea, sounds like you need more charts JoJo. I’m getting at least 15-20 signals a day.

  15. This is excellent.

    I traded for a few weeks before commenting to make sure that there are no aborations. This system is truly intelligent.

    IQ – 5/5 STARS!

  16. Mohamed Caffoor

    Just bought it and set it up on the 1min chart
    Is that correct and can anyone please tell me what the expiry of the trade would be? will it also be 1 min because it is on the 1 min chart?
    Thank you

  17. Do you have any idea how this program is used?

  18. Just bought this two weeks ago.

    First week 69% ITM
    Second week 77% ITM
    Third week hopefully 85% ITM ?

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. I’m winning 80% of my IQ trades now.

    The M1 signals are very very smart.

    My setup looks similar to Erik’s.

  20. What pairs you guys using?

    I’m having a lot of success with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD and XAUUSD.

    Trying to find more pairs to use.

  21. Cleaning up with BinaryIQ this week, 15 straight wins, WOOO!

  22. Still going great, got my ITM up to 76% this week.

    If you have any questions about my approach, let me know!

    • I saw some of yoru comments Brock and decided to join you.

      This week I hit 74%. It’s the best week i’ve ever had trading binary options. Thank you for sharing with us, it really helped me make the right decision and take the leap,

    • When do you trade, day, night, morning.

    • You should join trade4me website . Its free to register and your trades are displayed directly from your brokers account. Very open and honest. All you need is to give your registration id on this column and voila! Everything is displayed .

  23. Trading great through two days. Really happy with the purchase.

    Looks like it will pay itself off before the end of the week.

  24. Thanks, I’ll be signing up in the next couple hours.

    I have an old IQOption account I’ve been meaning to double up.

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