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Binary Genetic

Here we go again, another developer (Ian Harris) trying to jump into binary options, this time my review of Binary Genetic, a gene based algorithm trading bot.

As I get onto the site for this new project I am greeted by a video and nothing else. This does seem to be common lately for binary options products but it certainly doesn’t provide us with an extensive amount of information. The binary software costs $47 and it is being sold on the Click bank payment processor.

The developers of Binary Genetic claim that traders of their software should be ready “for windfall gains of over 645%”. This sounds great, but as I watch this video I really don’t seem to get any information about the product at all. The video looks like it is just a marketing tool.

binary genetic site
This is all you get on this site.

I really dislike these types of videos. It is all flash, the type of video that is trying to take advantage of traders that have had bad experiences in the past. The entire video just talks about losses many traders have faced in the market and tries to tell them that Binary Genetic is the solution. All the while not actually telling us anything about the product at all and just continuing to perpetuate nothing but fluff.

My Thoughts

I really hate these videos, I DO NOT recommend Binary Genetic. They need to spend some time on this web site, get rid of this terrible marketing video and provide us with some cold hard facts.

I am done watching this garbage, and this system will be finding itself with a bad rating in our Binary Options Lab.

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